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Junior Golf – Workouts

I would like to start out this article by saying that I am not a professional golfer, nor am I a certified trainer. I have a son that has played junior golf for several years, and I am just sharing my thoughts on what I have observed over the years. I believe that if you have a junior golfer that wants to pursue golf as a sport in high school and college, getting them in a quality workout program is an absolute must.

Selecting Junior Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the most competitive sports in the world right now thanks to a new batch of golfers who have very impressive junior golf careers. Golf is a sport that a person will have to play when he is still young so that he can start early and develop a swing that will last a lifetime. Every golfer after a certain amount of time playing the game will have gone through all the problems in his or her golf swing already.

Golf Warm-Up Routine Exercises

A proper part of every golfer’s routine is the warm-up. Your warm up is essential to preventing injury and playing your best.

7 Types of Products to Have for an Enhanced Golf Play Experience

Playing golf requires a high level of accuracy, power, motivation and focus. But these things could be in jeopardy once an irritation starts to take away your mood to play. Like, you want to save money by reducing your lost ball count, but you can’t avoid driving your balls to unlikely landings. Good thing there are product items you can have for an enhanced golf play experience.

Is Golfing While Pregnant Safe?

This is a common question for female golfers who end up pregnant. This is a question I asked myself. I am now 28 weeks pregnant and still golf regularly, as I did before. My OB says that since I was a golfer before, there is no reason I cannot continue, provided I make a few adjustments and that I follow proper safety precautions.

Golf Tips: Maximize Your Distance Off the Tee

Are you looking to get more distance off the tee? As a golfer, one of your best opportunities to reduce your score and pick up extra yardage is from the tee.

Golf Tips: How to Play Like a Pro

Many golfers start out with dreams of playing like a pro. Many then settle for even mediocre play while out on the course or for beating their buddies in a round here and there.

Golf Tips for Women – Grip, Posture and Breast Battles

When my husband started teaching me to golf, I found his tips helpful but there were many things he didn’t understand about being a woman golfer. For example, he didn’t have breasts to get in the way of his swing and he didn’t feel self-conscious about sticking his butt out when getting his stance.

Golf Player Tips: Master Your Chipping

Chipping and putting are two areas of your golf game that nearly every golfer can stand to improve upon. Learning better chipping and putting can shave quite a lot off your score and help you reduce your handicap by a significant amount.

Golf Etiquette – Learning the Game

When teaching your children, spouse, friend or family member the game of golf, it’s important to teach proper etiquette from day one. In fact, anyone who comes with you to play golf, whether they play or not, should be aware of and observe proper golf etiquette.

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