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80-20 of Golf

Of all of the games in the world to be good at, I believe golf to be the best. I know that’s easy to say because I have excelled in it, but I have met a ton of great people, it makes you think about your own psychology a lot, and it’s just plain fun. If there was ever a game to analyze via 80/20, it’s golf, simply because it can drive you nuts trying to figure it out.

Working the Ball – Lesson 16

There are a lot of theories about what the best way to work the ball is. I remember there was a point when I had absolutely no clue where the ball would end up from swing to swing. Now, there is a lot more consistency and I have the ability to control the flight a bit more.

Choosing the Right Golf Umbrella

The history and origin of golf dates back to the fourteenth century. Golf was then played using a large stick and a ball. Gradually, the game of golf became more organized. With clubs and associations being formed, stylish accessories being used, golf became popular as a game of style and luxury.

Consistent Golf Swing – Beginners and Advanced Golfers Need to Be Consistent!

If you are a golfer and you want to know how to play better golf, then you better figure out how to have a more consistent golf swing. That is the name of the game and golf is all about consistency. If you can consistently hit the fairways, then you have a better chance of hitting greens, which means with a lot of good putts you can play better golf than you ever have. Here are some tips to help you out.

Get Hooked on the Game of Golf

My first time on a golf course was spending an afternoon watching friends hit golf balls. I was selected as the designated cart driver. It was a fun experience and I was hooked and wanted to find out everything I could about the game of golf. Golf is a great game for people of all ages.

Medicus Golf Club Review

It’s amazing how so many golfers will pay hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars to take golf lessons, yet won’t pay for a Medicus golf club. Dollar for dollar, I think the Medicus practice club offers far more value than most golf lessons.

Womens Golf Shoes – What Options Do You Have?

Since golf is a unisex game, the presence of the female golf gears and apparels is as much as the presence of it male counterparts. In this write up, we shall consider the women’s golf shoes and the options females have. The options females have are not that different from the ones available to males, in the golf shoe category, there are spiked and spike-less ladies golf footwear. These two are the major options as regards golf footwear and are to be put into consideration first, then of course you can now start considering its waterproof capabilities, the kind of material or materials that is used to make the upper body and so on.

Tour Golf Shoes – Reviewing Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes

For a very long time now the Adidas brand have been producing high quality gears, kits, apparels, gadgets and so on for almost all types of sports and golf is no exception. In the golf arena they have done it again with their most recent release, the Adidas tour 360 golf shoes. This shoe is outstanding in all sense outstanding and almost all the golfer’s who have bought it have had nothing but praises and positive reviews for it.

How to Play Smart Golf – Don’t Try to Hit the Heroic Shot

If you think that you are a better golfer than your scores indicate, read this article to find tips for how to play smart golf and shoot better scores. Have you ever hit the golf shot of a lifetime? I know I have.

Improve Your Golf Swing With the Correct Mental Approach

When we make mistakes in the course of a round of golf, most of use put it down to our ability to play. This is not always the case, sometimes our mental approach is the route cause of the problem.

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