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From Golfing Beginner to Pro – What Are the Steps?

Every professional on the golf course started off as a golfing beginner. He or she had to learn through experience what techniques help to insure success.

The Top Five Things to Bring on Your Golf Vacation

Don’t squander your next golf vacation in avoidable discomfort that can disrupt your game. Cover all your bases on your next golf vacation by bringing these five essential items.

Golf Swing Tip: Chin Up

Most amateurs have trouble making a full shoulder turn. Some understandably because of a physical condition, but for the rest of us it’s usually because of a myriad of reasons. One of these reasons that I see a vast majority of golfers do, is that they restrict their turn simply by having their chin pointing too low as if it is almost attached to their chest. In this position the unwanted result is that in the backswing, they sway laterally, and their the head goes back along for the ride.

Developing Power in Your Golf Swing

Swing force refers to the power you develop during the backswing and apply during the downswing through impact. Practically all of this power stems from the torque created as the torso is rotated around the hips during the backswing. When this torque is at its peak the downswing begins and unleashes this built up power to produce a powerful swing through impact.

Tips to Increase Swing Speed in Golf

All golfers, be it a beginner or a professional are continuously trying to learn how to increase their swing speed in golf. The swing has a vital impact on the game of golf and so it becomes very important for you as a golfer to work on it and take it to a higher level of perfection. If you want to learn how to increase your swing speed, you will have to adopt a few different techniques that have been proven to be effective with even the seasoned pros.

Golf Cart Batteries – How to Ensure Their Longevity and Peak Performance

Maintaining golf cart batteries properly is important to make sure that the cart runs smoothly and efficiently at all times and in every type of weather. It is usually seen that improper maintenance and lack of proper knowledge about golf cart batteries leads to many types of problems and complications. Many users wrongly assume that their sport cart batteries are maintenance free and would perform well on its own.

Artificial Golf Putting Greens – Bringing The Game To You

For avid golf fans, artificial golf putting greens brings the game to your backyard. Synthetic greens are affordable and relatively easy to install. Whether you are interested in tournament greens or leisure greens, there is an artificial turf to meet your needs for enjoying the game in the convenience of your own property.

DIY Putting Greens: Yay or Nay?

Although the thoughts of DIY putting greens are appealing for many lovers of the game, however, is it really a good idea? Often the project is started but never completed for several reasons. Usually, it is a bigger undertaking than initially thought.

Preparing At Home Putting Greens for Nature’s Elements

If you are one of the millions of avid golfers enjoying at home putting greens, preparing your investment during the winter months is essential. Although the preparation varies depending on your geographical location and the type of turf material, there are several basic steps you should take to protect your putting green from nature’s elements. Actually, taking proactive steps to protect your putting green begins with the falling of leaves in the fall.

Enhance Your Golf Game With Golf Training Aids

For a person who is new to the sport, golf training aids are essential and beneficial. It serves as a “teacher” to help the player get accustomed to golf essentials. If you are a novice and want to learn how to golf, a golf trainer is not always available and accessible every time you would like one. That’s why golf training aids are produced.

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