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Use a Golf Putting Green to Improve Your Skills

The putt is probably the most important shot in the game of golf since not putting well can result in a poor score against your friends. If you want to improve your skills, then purchasing a golf putting green is a great way to do so.

Use a Backyard Golf Putting Green to Improve Your Putt Shots

If you love playing golf in your spare time, then just imagine what it would be like if you can play at home anytime you want. Fortunately, you can make this dream a reality by installing a backyard golf putting green either indoors or in your backyard.

Do You Have Enough Value Attached to Your Golf Game?

Why do you really play golf? The reasons underpinning your needs may be deeper than you first imagined. Checking your internal values may be one of the best strategies you will ever apply.

Ever Considered Purchasing GPS For Golf?

These kinds of small devices are fantastic tutors within the realm of maximizing your shot range, and also calculating your game play development, although very few golfers seem to recognize this. I was recently in a golf resort chatting with a few golfer friends, and they all looked really surprised when I showed them my GPS for golf device.

How to Make Your Best Golf Swing More Often

In your effort to play better, you might be trying this swing change and that. There’s no need. You probably have a serviceable swing right now. The key to playing better is not to change that swing, but in learning to make it more often.

Golf Ball Spin

If you are like me, you are in awe when watching professional golfers hit the ball past the pin, and somehow they are able to spin that thing right back close to the hole, and heck, sometimes in the hole. Getting that ball to spin back can be a tricky thing to do, but even if you can learn how to at least stop the ball where it lands, you will see those shots fall of the scorecard in a hurry.

How to Deal With Potential Distractions in Golf

Distractions in the game of golf are usually a part of the overall game! After you realise this you will be able to just accept them and deal with them effectively.

What the Mental Game of Golf Really Is

In medicine, doctors formerly thought that illness meant only the body needed treatment. They’re beginning to understand that our mental state affects both our illness and our successful recovery. Elite athletes consult sports psychologists to prepare their mind for the rigors of competition in the same way they consult coaches to perfect their physical skills. They know the condition of their mind during competition affects their body’s performance.

Buying Golf Cart Parts

For year-round golfers, proper golf cart maintenance is a must! Direct replacement golf cart parts can be reliable, easy to install, and complete with comprehensive product warranties.

Make Visualization Part of Your Pre-Shot Routine

Most advice you read on the pre-shot routine is about getting your body in position to hit the shot. The questions remain, though, what shot are you going to hit, and how will you hit it? To answer them, you must engage a mind-body feedback loop before anything else.

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