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Hybrid Golf Club: Shoot With More Accuracy

More and more golfers of all levels and experience are using the hybrid golf club. It provides them with added performance and handled and can improve their scores. For any level of golfer, a hybrid club could help you up your game…

Tips on Choosing Golf Clubs

Almost everyone has taken a hack at a golf ball with either a friend or family member’s golf club on the green. It probably was a mediocre or passable shot, not as good as it could be…

Golf Clubs Buying Guide – What Type Of Clubs Do You Need?

Golf clubs are the most expensive items that you have to buy as a golfer, so it’s very important to know the difference between clubs and their functionality. This article will help you understand the lingo of golf clubs, so that you can make more informed decisions when shopping for clubs.

Avoid Hitting Fat Golf Shots and Become Better at Golf

If you are still an amateur golfer you might have surely encountered the problem of a fat golf shot. One of the hardest hurdles in playing golf is the occurrence of hitting fat golf shots when you are on the golf course trying to improve your game. The first thing to understand is how and why a fat shot can happen. You need to know what the underlying problem is before you can solve it.

Why Golf Trophies Are So Important to the Game

Golf trophies honor great achievements in a difficult sport. Crystal golf trophies have gained a proud reputation and make a great prize for celebrating golf’s many victories. There’s more to celebrate than just the overall winner of a golf tourney.

The Three Best Dealers for Golf Sets Discount Selections

There are many golfers worldwide and the best option is to implement ways to access the most affordable discount prices for golf sets. There are specialized manufacturers that offer discounted golf sets of the finest quality and golfers can entrust their confidence in these kinds of products. It is a great idea for golfers to familiarize themselves, with some of the best makers of golf equipments. Here are some golf manufacturers that are committed to providing quality golf equipments, with the best golf sets discount prices in the market.

Comparing The Pitching Wedge Loft to Sand Wedge Loft

Over the years, golf technology has evolved a great deal, and in understanding the varying functions of the clubs we carry in our bag, we should look at the differences that each club gives us. The variations in golf club loft for the pitching wedge, sand wedge, and the newer lob wedges that golf technology has brought us are important to understand when choosing the right golf club for the right situation. Most golfers lump the gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedges together as part of the arsenal of “irons”.

Golf History – Women Golfers

Women have been a part of the golf game right from the start. In 1542 Mary Queen of Scots, an avid golfer called her assistants cadets coining the term “caddie”.

Mike Austin Golf Swing – The Most Efficient Way To Hit A Golf Ball

The Mike Austin golf swing was used by the legendary golf instructor and long drive king Mike Austin. His elegant and powerful swing hit the drive that sits in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the longest drive in a sanctioned competition. A 515 yard smash in 1974 when he was 64 years old. Learn to tap into this type of power with his unique and brilliant swing method.

Easy Tips That Will Improve Your Golf Swing – Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing in 2 Weeks!

Nothing will replace the advice of an expert instructor or golf pro. However, there are some simple steps that you can take to make your golf swing more effective. Here are some simple tips that can make a difference in your golf swing and perhaps shave a few points off of your game.

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