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Shh, Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You to Know About Single Golf Clubs

Single golf clubs are in every professionals bag. Most of the time they are never talked about because there is a story behind them. Since they promote one brand — specifically what is on their bag, it is hush-hush as to the actual makeup of their set. Want to know some surprising facts?

Trigger Action, Active Left Wrist Or Active Right Elbow

The fifth of ten distinctions between the centrifugal force swing and the muscular force swing is the trigger action. What causes the power to be released? An active left wrist for the centrifugal force swing. An Active right elbow for the muscular force swing.

The Continuing Mystery of Ben Hogan’s Secret – Part Two

Ben Hogan stated that he discovered a secret in 1946 that made his swing hook proof. He later revealed in August 1955 that his secret was pronation. Speculation regarding his actual secret has continued unabated for more than 50 years since his revelation. If Hogan did reveal his secret, why is that no other golfer has been able to duplicate his mastery over the golf ball?

Learning How to Run a Golf Tournament Isn’t So Hard

If you’re planning your first golf tournament, your first thought may be to panic. The task seems overwhelming, and you have no idea how to organize your thoughts in order to pull off a great tournament. How long will the planning stage take? How much of a budget will there be? Should the tournament be held to earn money for a cause, and what cause should it be held for? About nine to twelve months prior to the tournament, you need to be making these decisions and many more.

Improve Your Golf Game With These Tips

Every golf player wants to perform well in every game they play. You can practice all you want, buy the finest equipment, watch the best players competitions and read every bit of information about his great sport, but at the end of the day there are some simple things that can significantly improve your game easily without any effort.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Hit Your Irons the Right Way Every Time!

All golfers struggle with how to hit your irons the right way. In fact, if ask many golfers where they are most inconsistent, it is with the irons. Here in this article I am going to show you how you can begin to hit better iron shots and have more fun playing golf.

How to Choose the Right Golf Ball For Your Golf Swing

Golf balls are being made to compensate for your weaknesses making your bad tendencies and miss hits more forgiving as well as enhancing your strengths. Golf ball compression is a word or a term that applies to the density of your golf ball when the ball is struck.

One Simple Tip to Increase the Distance of Your Golf Shots

Everyone wants to be longer. Hitting golf shots farther obviously helps you shoot lower scores. Actually hitting golf shots farther is the tough part. With this simple tip you can increase your distance, feel, and accuracy.

Why Exercise Machines Are One of the Least Effective Ways to Improve Your Golf Performance

Think about it for a minute… you sit down in front of a desk at work, sit in the golf cart, sit in your car, sit on the couch in front of the TV. Then you get inspired sitting on your couch watching them talk on the golf channel about the intensity of Tiger Woods workout routine that you jump off the couch, jump into your workout clothes, jump into your car and head on out to the gym.

Improve Your Golf Game With a Satellite (GPS)

The game of golf is all about hitting a ball to the right position. The sport is a battle against the elements, nature and the psychology of a player. The sport is all about getting to the best location to help you finish a hole with the minimum of shots. Almost like the property world it is all about location, location and location. It is useful to know the “lay of the land” – the geography of the land and the hazards. Where are the trees? Where are the ponds? The bunkers? And most importantly where is the green..

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