Pat Perez reacts to the Phil Mickelson controversy | Subpar Episode 107

LPGA Fashion Icons

Trying to get some fashion inspiration for the greens? Here are some of the top LPGA fashion icons to mimic. Who knows, maybe eventually you’ll play just as good as them!

Golf With What You Need

If you look into the course and gear before you begin playing golf, you will have a lot more fun and be more successful. You just need to know what you need and what is good before heading out there.

US Golfers Hit All-Time Low in Majors – Is The PGA Tour in Terminal Decline?

Looking at the golf stats, the record of US golfers in major golf tournaments in recent years has never been lower. Can the new breed of young American golfers can reverse this trend?

Three Biggest Issues New Golfers Have With Chipping

Chipping a golf ball well provides so much payback in not only lower scores, but the confidence that you can get the ball close to the hole from anywhere around the green. Being able to get up-and-down in two from off the green consistently will lower your scores more than probably any other single aspect of the game, and with just a little work anyone can do it.

How to Carefully Pack Your Golf Travel Bag

You spend a lot of money on your clubs and puts. That’s why you should also invest in quality equipment to protect your gear. Equally important to equipment is the way by which you pack your golf travel bag.

Golf Mentality – How to Visualize Your Putts

Golf should be a mental game that is played in the present. Do stay on bad shots or missed putts.

Golf Lessons for Kids?

Is your kid ready for golf lessons? Choosing the right time and instructor for your child is very important. Use these tips to give your son/daughter the best chance to reach their golfing potential.

An Unbiased Look at the Electric Buggy

A lot of golf fans are beginning to appreciate the strengths of the electric buggy. From the typical gas-powered golf carts that they use to ride on, many are now switching to the electric or battery powered vehicles. But since everything has its weak sides, the electric golf cart has its share of disadvantages aside from its strengths. You have to look at them from a neutral point of view to be able to make a prudent opinion about the matter.

How Can an Indoor Putting Green Enhance Your Game

Improving your golf skills will be easier with an indoor putting green. Spending on a good quality material could save you money, resources and time. To excel in golf is a goal of each and every player.

What You Can Learn From Golf Books

There are hundreds of great golf books available. However, in order to get as much value out of your learning materials as possible, you first need to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of the game.

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