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Great Golf Coach Spotting Techniques – How to Covertly Find Out If a Coach is “Hot or ROT”

While there is no absolute fool proof way of finding out how good a coach is until you have had some lessons, there are some things you can investigate before handing over your hard earned wage in the hopes that your hired coach will help you. Make no mistake, you are looking for happiness delivered through improved performance on the course. Careful whose hands you put your happiness into. In this article we show you how covertly run what I call my “Paper Test” on a potential coach.

Drill Perfect Golf Aim – Article Series 7 of 13

In this article, 7 of 13 in this particular series, we look at Aim in more detail and in particular methods to drill in Perfect Aim. Using some simple and easy to use tools and methods you can soon become far more proficient than 90 percent of golfers at being able to repeatably aim with precision at any target. This will greatly improve your level of accuracy on the course, resulting in more fairways and greens hit in regulation. This is another easy but highly effective way to “Get the edge” on the rest. Be a marksman on the course.

Can the Perfect Proper Golf Swing Be Achieved?

Those people who have had the advantage of watching professional golfers at play, from a vantage point, should have an idea of what a near perfect swing looks like. As the sport of golf becomes more and more popular around the world, more and more people strive to attain the near perfect and proper golf swing. Though the game has now been around for quite some time, it started out in a small way and was played only by those people who had a lot of spare time on their hands.

How to Correct a Golf Swing Slice – 3 Tips You Can Use Today

A lot of golfers are very frustrated when it comes to a golf swing slice. Often they do not know why they are slicing a ball and how to stop this. Not to know how to fix and correct a golf swing slice is one point why the most golfers stay on their handicap and are not able to lower their scores.

A Step by Step Golf Swing For You to Follow and Improve in 5 Easy Steps!

A step by step golf swing can be very helpful to the average player if it is simple and can be broken down easily into basic fundamentals. Here I am going to explain the golf swing clearly, and provide 5 check points to make sure that you are keeping your swing in tempo and mechanically correct. These tips should help improve your swing drastically and play better golf.

Golf Swing Slice – Tips on How to Correct a Slice

A golf swing slice is one of the most common mistakes a golfer can do. If you know how to fix a slice then you will see fast improvements in you game resulting in lower scores and better results.

Exercises For Golf – Improve Your Game With Exercise

The right exercises for golf will help you dramatically improve your game…but the wrong ones will kill it. Here are the exercises you should do and also avoid.

How to Grip a Golf Club the Right Way

There are 3 different methods for how to grip a golf club and all of them work. However, there are key components of each that, should you get wrong will instantly kill your game. Learn the mistakes you need to avoid at all costs.

5 Tips to Master Playing Awkward Golf Shots

Are you like most golfers, thrown off balance by shots which aren’t as easy as the pros make them look? Are you worried every time you have an awkward lie that you’ll never hit the ball cleanly? This article will reveal some great ways to learn how to master the dreaded awkward shot.

Golf Swing Slice – 3 Tips on How to Stop Slicing

A golf swing slice can be very frustrating for the passionate golfer. To improve your game and lower your scores it is very critical and important to know how to correct a slice and fix it as fast as possible. If you really want to better your game and fix your slice then read on and use these 3 tips and techniques.

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