One of golf’s best destinations requires a Wild West adventure to a simplistic paradise

Beginning Golf Tips – You Can’t Hit the Ball Yet

And here’s the top secret beginning golfers tip… most scoring occurs within 100 yards of the whole. If you can take that one golf tip to heart as you learn and practice your game, trust me… your hard work will pay off. As it will be your buddies reaching into their wallets and not you.

The Top Three Golf Swing Tips For Beginners

Learning the basics of golf can be fraught with difficulties especially learning bad habits as well as the good. Here are some top tips to get you started on the right track.

Clubface Motion

The two perfect golf swings are The Centrifugal Force Swing (swinging swing) and The Muscular Force Swing (hitting swing). The Golf Factory explains clubface motion, the first of ten distinctions between the two prefect golf swings.

Control Your Golf Shot With the Right Golf Irons

One of the most important aspects to golf is choosing the appropriate clubs to carry in your set. The quality and efficiency of your club set is largely going to be determined by the various irons that you have. Only through carefully choosing the right clubs are you going to be able to hit the ball farther, more accurately and ultimately improve upon your game.

How to Buy the Best Golf Gloves? 3 Sure-Fire Tips to Buying the Best Quality, Fitted Golf Gloves!

Finding the best golf gloves to assist your golf game is one of the most overlooked parts of the average golfer. Most often golfers will focus on buying the right clubs, bag and golf balls and just settle for using any old golf glove.

How to Master Putting

Putting is the smallest form of the golf swing, but is also the last thing you do to complete the hole. If you master putting, you master the game of golf.

Golf Fitness Exercise – Building Better Stamina Through Cardio Training

Having a very good golf fitness exercise is very important not only to your health, but also your game. Golf is hardly an aerobic activity, and no individual has to be an exercise fanatic to get through 18 holes in decent shape. But a good level of physical fitness can only improve a golfer’s potential performance.

Golf GPS Systems – How the Hole Layout Feature Will Improve Your Game

The graphical hole layout feature available on many golf GPS systems will improve your golf game. Use the hole layout feature to improve both your course management and shot visualization.

Traditional Golf Statistics – Not the Best Performance Yardsticks

My father was an engineer. He taught me that numbers are your friend, and that they don’t lie. I took up golf seriously 25 years ago and became determined to improve. I started tracking the statistics that I read about in the golf magazines: Fairways Hit, Greens-in-Regulation, Sand Saves and Total Putts.

Golf Carts – The Only Way to Travel

Did you know a golf cart is not just a golf cart? In this article we look at some of their alternative uses and ways is which they can be customised.

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