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How to Cure a Golf Slice – The Simple Version of How to Cure a Golf Slice

Slicing is the most common problem among amateur golfers. As such many golfers are constantly asking how to cure a golf slice. The answer is not always as difficult as some in the golfing world make it. There are some easy fixes to golf slices that may work wonders for you.

Cannot Hit a Golf Flop Shot? Look No Further!

Many people think that hitting a flop shot in golf is one of the harder shots to hit. Follow this simple instruction to enhance the effectiveness of your short game.

Golf Lessons For Beginners

You certainly do not need an overdose of Physics lingo to understand golf. Playing it for the first time only requires you to know a few simple golf lessons to keep you on track.

7 Golf Slice Tips

The golf slice is very frustrating, but it can be overcome! Here are seven tips designed to help you learn to straighten your golf shot!

Golf Swing Fixes – Do They Work?

There are numerous golf swing fixes available today. The most common of these fixes generally deal with the two most prevalent problems experienced by the everyday amateur golfer…the slice and the hook.

The Driver Golf Swing is Different and You Must Know This in Order to Hit the Best Tee Shots!

The driver golf swing is indeed different than the swing that you would make on a wedge, 5 iron, or any other club in the bag. The reason for this is because the swing plane for a driver needs to be much flatter because of the difference in the length of the golf clubs. So what can you do in order to swing your driver better and hit the ball further and straighter? Here are three tips that can help you achieve this goal.

The Golf Swing Release – How to Improve Your Release and Hit Better Golf Shots!

The golf swing release is one of the most essential aspects of a solid golf game. When people concentrate on improving their golf games they often overlook the release while focusing on other fundamentals. This is a vital mistake, and can really mess up your golf swing and keep you from reaching your full potential. Here I am going to show you how to improve this part of your golf swing which will have you shooting lower scores the next time that you play!

Discount Golf Equipment – Good Or Bad?

One of the great things about shopping online for golf equipment is that you are always going to find deals. You will…

Golf Equipment Basics – The Club

A standard set of clubs consists of 3 woods (the 1, 3, 5), 8 irons (3-9, and Pitching Wedge), and a putter – a total of 12 clubs. Official golf rules allows the golfer to carry 14 clubs on the course, so many golfers throw in another specialty wood or iron.

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons

If you are looking for awe inspiring power with the renowned forgiveness of the Callaway Big Bertha then the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo irons will definitely go the distance. Crafted for players who are interested in a more traditional looking driver that offers outstanding performance, Diablo irons are made with a 1020 carbon steel body and use a high-strength Carpenter Steel face. This winning combination promises you excellent distance and accuracy along with much greater control when compared to traditional irons.

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