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Chipping Drills – Two of My Favorites That Can Really Help Lower Your Scores

Chipping drills, like all practice routines, are only effective and productive if you are adhering to solid, mechanics-based fundamentals. Without using proper technique, you are just grooving bad habits.

How to Apply the Information Processing Model For Golf Improvement

The information processing model involves the storage of information in memory, the retrieval of information from memory, and the execution of a movement in response to information (Keele). This sounds interesting, and useful for golf. This article is about applying the knowledge we know about the information processing model, for improved golf.

GolfLogix Golf GPS For Your Smartphone

GolfLogix introduced one of the first handheld golf GPS devices back in 1999. And although it still produces and promotes the handheld golf GPS, it has recently made its GPS technology available for the Smartphone: if people already own the hardware, why not just provide them with the software? (You have to take that Smartphone with you everywhere anyway, so you might as well equip it with a golf GPS and make it useful on the golf course.)

How Can Golfers Improve Their Golf Swing – The Physics of a Golf Swing

Do you get frustrated sometimes about your golf game? Maybe you have played the game for just a little while but you decided it is not for you. You compare yourself to professional golfers and you feel you cannot do what they can do.

Beyond Breathing – Managing Your State of Mind on the Golf Course

I’m sure every golfer recognizes the importance of managing their state of mind on the golf course. The aim of this article is to provide you with a variety of techniques to manage your state on the course. This article goes beyond solely using breathing exercises for better golf and highlights that improving your respiration (breathing) is just one of many ways to manage your state on the golf course!

Country Clubs Relax the Senses

Golf courses have a way to pacify the most extreme stresses. When your life is getting so busy you can’t relax on a sunny day, it’s time to head out to the links. Bring your clubs and enjoy some of the greatest golf courses in the country in Indiana.

Green Aerification – A Necessary Evil For Golf Courses

Just when the greens on your home course start getting fast and rolling smooth, it seems like the golf course superintendent purposely messes them up by punching and sanding them. Golf course maintenance can be frustrating for golfers.

Golf Slice Cures – The Simple Swing

What causes these problems? Without a doubt an inconsistent swing. Is it a problem? Of course it is, it destroys our game and takes the enjoyment away from playing golf.

Is the Medicus Golf Club Just a Hype Or Can it Really Assist You to Perfect Your Golf Swing?

You might be among the many golf players in search of ways to boost your golf swing. Can the Medicus Golf Club help you to accomplish that? Read on to find out further.

Golf Putting Tips – How to Easily Improve Your Putting

Are you getting to the green with few problems but once there you always seem to be hitting far too many strokes? Putting is not easy, even for the pros, but you can make quick progress with your putting game with just a few good tips. Check out these several golf putting tips I have provide for you.

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