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Beginning Golfer, Take This Advice

Beginning golfers should take lessons before you start to play. Try not to listen to your golfing friends and listen to a good golf professional. Practice before you play and your golf round will be much more fun.

Limited Coverage of Tiger Woods at the 2009 US Open

Media coverage of the U.S. 2009 Open at BethPage Black in New York during the past weekend, highlighted many golf professionals that infrequently have great media coverage. Refreshing and positive media coverage without showing shot after shot of Tiger Woods. New and old faces post surprising results at the U.S. 2009 Open at BethPage Black in New York, despite severe weather delays.

Golf Swing Drills and Basics to Get More Power and Distance

The dream of every golfer is hitting the ball 300 yards down the fairway. I think you agree with me. But how to maximize your power and distance to come near this 300 yards line? Well, you need to understand the golf swing basics and use the best golf swing drills. Want to know some of the most effective exercise routines? Yes, then read on.

How to Easily Program Your Brain to Give You What You Want on the Golf Course

You can program your mind to deliver great things for you. For example you could program your mind to give you the “winners” mindset and be mentally tough. You could get your mind to allow you to keep control of your fears on the course or keep your anger in check and stay calm on a bad shot. What would it be like to be under pressure on the last hole and just calmly and confidently drill one down the middle of the fairway?

Slazenger Golf Bags – Slazenger Cart Bag

Slazenger golf bags are highly rated in the golfing world among both amateur and professional golfers. The Slazenger cart bag range that is currently available to buy really is one of the best across the entire golfing industry at the moment. Slazenger is one of the most well used brands on both the European and USA professional golf tours which is a fantastic testament to the quality of golf product they produce.

Popularity of Golf

The popularity of golf is gradually increasing day by day. The sport which originated in Scotland has now been played in almost all nations of the world. Beautiful golf courses are now prepared on the lush green firms, coastal areas, plains and even in sandy regions.

Cure a Slice – Free Golf Tips Every Beginner Could Implement to Change Your Game Immediately

Of late, every time some brand new product is released claiming to cure a slice, golf newbies cough up anywhere from fifty to a hundred bucks to grab it. The aim of this article is provide you with 2 effective and easily executable tips every beginner could look into to improve your game.

Help With Golf Isn’t Always Found on the Golf Course

As a golfer, you already know that every now and then, and for some of us it is more often than not, your game will hit a hurdle. There are times in every golfer’s life when they can no longer swing the driver. Someone who once hit a ball 200 yards will no longer be able to make contact with the ball.

Making Sense of Swingweight

A student at a recent golf instruction session asked about swingweight. He had read one of my golf tips in which I mentioned it and it sparked his interest. Never having heard the term he wanted to know what it was and how it affected his game.

Stop Bad Weather From Boosting Your Golf Handicap

Sometimes you have to play when the weather is bad. Unfortunately, the USGA makes no specific provisions for “winter play,” as it’s called. There’s also nothing in the rules about the lift, clean, and place practice used on the PGA tour when it’s wet.

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