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The Secret to Playing Good Golf is to Keep it Simple

Golf needs to be a game of unconscious effort, a natural act of focusing on the target and not over-analyzing every swing until you are paralyzed with analysis. There are some basic elements to initially keep in mind but, once these sub-skills have been practiced, the golfer needs to stay in the present and focus all concentration on the target and where he wants the ball to go. Only this approach will result in the ultimate goal: a better score.

The Very Versatile Golf Cart

Take a look around, there’s a good chance you’ll see a golf cart in use. Someplace! These versatile modes of transportation are finding their way in places far from the golf course. And for good reason; their usage is endless!

What is the Hardest Skill to Master in Golf?

Ask any golfer what the hardest skill to master in golf is, the answers will vary, but ultimately it comes down to having a focused mindset on the game of golf. With focus and concentration your confidence level increases resulting in having a better golf game.

How to Get the Perfect Golf Swing – Get the Simple Truth

Are you tired of countless lessons trying to achieve that perfect swing and getting nowhere fast? Stop believing you can have the perfect swing and start doing the things that can improve your golf swing.

Attack the Pin With a Golf Garmin

Forget about advances in golf ball design or club making, the best new piece of golf equipment to come along in years is the golf Garmin. GPS rangefinders are the rage and are easier to use than ever.

Golf As a Sport – Greatest Golf Swing Secret

Ever wonder what people really think about the game of golf? Many people often contest its value as a game, but after some research I got some very interesting results about golf as a sport, which you can find right here.

What is the Best Golf Driver For You?

If you’ve been looking to improve your golf game, one of the things you may be in the market for is a new driver. There are many different brands and models to choose from and it’s often difficult to decide. The best golf driver for your game is one which provides you with an optimal level of control and the distance off the tee you need. For a few tips on choosing a driver to advance your game, read on.

Electric Golf Trolley Purchasing and Maintenance – A New Concept

Electric golf trolleys get a hard, hard life. This means that it’s a sad fact that all brands are subject to failures. These can mount up to 9% in the first year – more as time goes by. When either of these breakdowns do occur it can often be particularly frustrating as you may be only half way into your round, well away from the first tee, giving you a choice of carrying your bag for another nine holes or returning to the club house pushing your trolley. So here are some tips if you are considering buying an electric golf trolley.

Boost Your Game With Backswing Golf Moves

The best backswing golf move is one that gets the ball towards the intended target. This requires accuracy as well as velocity. You should strive to repeat a good swing over and over again. Developing a routine of swinging in the same fashion ever time is a good way to golf. It helps you to develop consistency.

An Introduction to the Golf Driving Range

If you are just starting to learn to play golf then one place which you are going to become very familiar with is your local golf driving range. Indeed, even if you have been playing the game for some time you will still return to the driving range from time to time to practice new techniques and to sharpen up your skills.

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