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What Accessories Do I Need For My Backyard Putting Green?

You’ve decided to build your own backyard putting green, and have opted to use real grass instead of just synthetic turf. At this point, you may be wondering why your putting green still doesn’t feel like a golf course just yet, even though you’ve stuck with real bent grass. Well, for starters, your grass will have to feel like that of a real pro course, which could only be achieved with the right mower.

How Do I Determine If My Lawn Is Suitable To Become A Backyard Putting Green?

Most avid golfers would just love to have their own backyard putting green. However, a lot is hesitant about turning their backyard into their personal golf zone simply because they think that having one would simply be too expensive and too much work to maintain, especially if you intend to use real grass on your putting green. To a certain extent, that is true, but if you happen to be a golf fanatic and you love taking care of manicured lawns as well, this is the perfect marriage for your hobbies.

Should I Put Real Grass Or Synthetic Grass On My Backyard Putting Green?

Having their very own backyard putting green has become a new trend for American homeowners nowadays, as not only does it provide them with practice space for their hobby, but it also actually increases the value of their property. You, dear reader, must be reading this article because either you’re also thinking about getting one, or have already decided to install your own. However, before doing anything to your backyard putting green space, one must first consider: should you be putting a synthetic putting green surface, or should you instead be installing real grass for your putting green.

Why Should I Get My Own Backyard Putting Green?

Backyard putting green is not an exclusive option just for players in the tournament. If you yourself are an avid golfer, as in any other sport, wouldn’t you want to get an edge to take your game to a higher level? You may be telling yourself that you are not really playing to win any tournaments or that it’s just a hobby.

How Can I Make My Backyard Putting Green More Challenging?

A Backyard Putting Green is by itself already challenging. You can test this for yourself. Try to make a putt from one or two yards.

Is It Safe For Kids To Play In My Backyard Putting Green?

Your Backyard Putting Green, whether artificial or natural grass, will always be exposed to normal wear and tear. Remember that even in covered enclosures the plastic which makes up most artificial grasses and turf will still react to chemicals in the air and slowly oxidize. This does not mean that your artificial grass will crumble to pulp in a few years, far from that.

What Trimmings Can I Put Into My Backyard Putting Green?

Finally, the backyard putting green that you have been seeded, watering and mowing for the past few months is now usable. Except, all you see on it right now are green grass, and greener grass. Frustrating?

How Do I Build My Own Real Grass Backyard Putting Green?

You want to have your own backyard putting green for a long, long time, and now, it seems like it’s finally going to happen. Either the kids have finally gone on to move out, or you’ve moved into a house with a huge lawn, having one’s very own putting zone is a dream come true for most golf enthusiasts. But having the space for it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the money to have it built by somebody else.

Would Putting Synthetic Grass On My Backyard Putting Green Be OK If I Have Pets?

When putting up a backyard putting green in your home, not only do we have to consider how our intended putting space would answer our needs as a golf player. We would also have to consider how having one would affect the overall layout of our home, and of course how its presence would affect the other persons in that home. It may not be much of a problem-or a hazard- to us humans, but such a decision might prove unsafe for our beloved pets.

How Do I Take Care Of My Backyard Putting Green Grass?

Having a backyard putting green truly is a dream come true for the devoted golfer. Imagine being able to just tee off whenever you want to, without going out or spending, since your turf is just right outside. But, as with everything in life, having your own backyard putting green has its downsides, especially if you chose to have real grass on your turf.

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