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Tips For a Better Golf Grip

The golf grip is the first step we take towards the shaping of the swing. I go so far as to say that conscientious work on the grip until it is correct in all its details will contribute more than any other factor towards the building of a finely shaped swing. Discover the three most popular grips- the overlapping, the double-handed and the interlocking- by reading this article. A good grip is the basis of a good golfing technique.

The Super Golf Swing Technique

The good and experienced golfer senses the downswing even as he approaches the top of the backswing. This is the beginning of a good golf swing technique. Get this aspect of your game right, and your golf will improve dramatically.

How You Can Play Better Golf

Let us consider the “apex” of your golf swing as I like to call it. The apex of the swing is that vital section from impact into the follow-through during which the club head stays on the line of flight, anything from ten inches to a foot past the point of impact, the longer the better. When the club head leaves the line of flight as it must in due course, it comes out of the apex of the swing. Maintaining the apex without any temptation to make a bodily lurch forward is yet one more sign of the top-class player. If you aim for this, you will play better golf.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Without Tearing Your Hair Out!

The backswing has prepared us for the phase the action of bringing the club head back to the ball with the full uninhibited release of controlled power. It is the downswing. Read this article to discover how to hold your elbows, shoulders and hips at the moment of impact. This crucial part of your swing should be regularly practiced and you will thus be able to improve your golf swing.

Tiger Woods’ Top Ten Moments

Tiger Woods is well on his way to being the greatest golfer to ever play the game. Here are the top ten moments on his journey.

Fix Your Golf Game – Lining Up and Reading Golf Putts – 8 Step Putting Drill

Nearly everyone spends way too much time working on their long irons ans their driver. As the saying goes, “drive for show and putt for dough.” If you are and 80 – 100 shots a round golfer then 75% off all of your shots are taken within 100 yards of the flag stick. This article looks to give you some tips on taking fewer putts, holing out more and reduce the number of shots you take. It will also provide you with a great drill to improve your game.

Golf Lessons For Beginners to Pros

Lessons from a golf pro or a very experienced golfer will allow the beginner pick up the game much more quickly. This early step may eliminate much of the frustration that comes with learning the game. But it is not absolutely necessary that a beginner take lessons.

Tips on Buying a Custom Golf Cart

Buying a custom golf cart does not have to be overly expensive or terribly time consuming. The simple truth is it is much easier now to find all types of utility vehicles than it was just a few years ago, and that holds true for custom golf carts as well.

How to Correct a Golf Slice – Four Things to Do When You Step Up to the Tee Box Before You Swing

How to correct a golf slice is easier when you take the proper pre swing precautions. Keep these four things in mind and watch the instances of slicing reduced.

Never Give Up on a Game Until You Are in the Clubhouse

Well, Tiger’s back with mixed results so far. A lot is spoken about the man and as he is the best in the World, it is understandable. The problem with that is that there is always an air of expectation. Look at all the great sportsmen throughout the years and you will see that unless their careers were cut short for one reason or another, they all lost at some point, yet we still expect them to succeed every time. But if they did, wouldn’t sport be predictable and boring?

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