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First Aid in Golf

A blister is usually the first common injury that you experience on the course. Golf gloves are regularly used by golfers to prevent any blister, however if you have one, bringing a Band-Aid to cover the blister could be very helpful.

Is Getting a Golf Handicap Really That Important?

Many players when they first begin the game of golf, are simply focused on learning the game. They choose to play for a variety of reasons: for business networking, social gatherings, or just to have fun. But after a few rounds of golf, a player interested in improving her game and playing with a variety of players at different skill levels, begins to think about getting a handicap. If you want to play with golfers of different abilities, getting a handicap is the only fair way to compete.

Improve Your Golf Swing Technique – 5 Easy Tips For the Proper Golf Swing

There is no single magic golf swing that fits everyone. There are techniques that will improve the swing you have and give you greater control and confidence. Practice these five tips and watch the strokes fall off the score card.

Keeping Your Golf Swing Through the Winter

By having an indoor golf swing trainer at home or at your office can really help you keep in summer shape. The weighted indoor club is short and fitted, with the proper grip, so you work on grip and muscle tone.

Golf Tips For Beginners – The Brand New Golfer!

Golf tips for beginners, both low and high handicap players, help give them the accuracy, power and feel around the golf course. With the advancement of technology, things are never dormant and keep changing, paving way to new instruction that assists golfers hit better.

Digging Out the Best With Golf Ball Ratings!

Why do people give golf ball ratings? All the balls look the same, don’t they? They do look alike to the novice, but there is more to them than just colors. Ask any professional golfer.

Ladies Golf Equipment Makes a Fashion Statement!

Women have always loved fashion and it’s the same with Golf. Today’s ladies golf equipment is a far cry from the old drab boxy polo shirts and dull white balls that they had to endure all those years.

Golf Sets and Golfballs Have Gone High Tech

If you have been away from the game of golf for a while you might be surprised at how technology has improved the game and made it “easier” to play in just the past few years. From golf clubs to golfballs great strides have been made to hit the ball farther and straighter than ever before.

A Woman’s Guide to Picking Golf Club Sets

Golf was once mostly a man’s sport, but women have recently started coming in more quickly than ever before. This means they’re going to be looking for all the equipment they need to get the best game possible, including the right golf club sets. Manufacturers have taken note and made all sorts of new products available to this latest market.

Instant Golf Slice Cure Review

Detailed review of the Instant Golf Slice Cure. Is it as good as all the hype? Find out here.

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