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Why Should Putting Be Part of Your Practice Routine?

Wonder why the guys on the PGA Tour are being featured during a telecast on the weekends? Hint: Its not because they are hitting the ball great. Its because they are making the putts. Do you work on your putting skills?

Why Should You Take Care of Your Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are one of the most expensive sports equipment you will ever buy. So why is that most golfers who spend a lot of money on golf clubs fail to properly take care of them? Maintaining your clubs is very important not only so you avoid shelling out a grand every other year but for the overall performance of your golf shots.

How to Use the Driving Range to Improve Your Golf Game

How do you use the driving range? Ever had one of those warm up sessions where you hit the ball great but then couldn’t carry that over to the course? Maybe this article can shed a little light on that for you.

Hooked on Golf – Some Tips & Tricks From a Golf Addict

The first thing they need to understand is that the idea behind the game of golf is simple, the object being to hit a small ball from a starting point (the tee) over a variety of terrain & get it into a hole in the ground some distance away in the least number of shots using a variety of clubs. That is not to say the game is easy! There is a vast difference between the idea and the practice, so we’ll go straight into practicalities.

Why Golf Club Length Matters

Have you ever golfed with someone who used what seemed to be an especially short set of clubs? Their golf club length was more than likely out of proportion with their body and if these clubs were especially short, it may have even given the impression that they were using children’s clubs. Whether they were just having a laugh or they ended up borrowing someone else’s clubs, using clubs which aren’t the right length can have a serious effect on your game.

The Ultimate in a Golfing Club Set

Golf has been a loved game since its creation. What started off as a pastime has turned into a sport now seen all around the world and advertised on channels like ESPN. Watching as the golf club swings effortlessly at that white little ball has made us fall completely in love with this game.

The Belly Putter & Why You Should Use It

Why should you choose to use a belly putter over a conventional length or long length? Do you have problems with too much wrist action and no shoulder action in your putts? Are your putts straight and true or do they veer to the left or right of the hole? Find out how a belly putter can help.

Improving Your Golf Swing Improves Your Game

There is no way to become a successful golfer other than to keep improving your golf swing. There can be no doubt that the best players are those that hit the hardest. Those individuals who are not golfers continue to describe the game as one of precision.

Golf Swing Practice – How to Work on Your Golf Swing and Drop 7 Strokes in 3 Weeks!

Many people want to get better at golf, but do not have time or do not want to put in the golf swing practice that is necessary in order to be successful. What most golfers do not know is that the amount of time you spend practicing is not going to make you a good golfer! The key is to practice the right things, and by doing that you will learn how to be a much better golf and shoot the lowest scores of your life. Here I am going to give you 3 tips on how to do just that.

Golf Swing Training – 3 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing Fast!

A very important aspect of golf is getting the proper golf swing training. Golf is a great game that everyone can enjoy, but in order to get the most out of it, you are going to have to work on a few fundamentals that will help you to improve. Here I want to share with you a few golf swing keys that you can use in order to train yourself to have a more effective golf swing.

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