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Is a Golf Slice Slamming Your Game?

When I started this love affair for this game almost 2 years ago now, I could not hit the ball straight at all. I thought that if I hit the ball as hard as I could it must fly straight, how wrong was I! The harder I tried to hit it the more it sliced. I did get so frustrated and still do to some extent.

Using the Proper Golf Swing Goes a Long Way

A lot of people go out golfing for fun. Very few of us ever get good at golf. The main reason why is we never actually learn the basics, such as learning the proper golf swing.

Tiger Woods – Will His Love For the Game Save the Future of Golf?

Will Tiger ever return to Woods? That’s where he belongs, the golf course.

Fix a Slice in a Few Steps

Fix a slice or any other golf related problem you have at the moment. The key to for instance fix a slice is very basic. All you need to do is to get back to where you once started out.

Hip Turn in the Golf Swing

Allow the hips to turn in the golf swing to promote a good shoulder turn. Restricting hip turn should be left to the pros. Cure many faults like slicing and coming over the top by allowing the hips to turn freely. Experiment with the foot position in the stance to find out the best way to create the turn in the swing.

Golf Clubs Are Significant at Okanagan

Okanagan is the ideal place when it comes to enjoy a golf vacation. This place is the sunniest area in Canada. This attractive mountain valley located next to the indigo water of 80-mile lengthy Okanagan Lake.

Golf Tees – Look the Part When You Golf

Everyone can tell a football player by the pads on his shoulders. Everyone call tell a baseball player by the hat on his head. How can you tell if someone’s a golfer? When they wear golf tees.

The Best Golf Deals Online

Golfing is a sport that has always been associated with rich white people. Even though a lot of middle class and non-white people play golf and it is growing in popularity around the world, there is still an association with country clubs and elitism in general. Of course, this association is actually quite reasonable, because even today, there are golf clubs with extremely high membership fees, which exclude some racial minorities, those who play the most are likely to have a high income, and, let us face it, and golf is an expensive sport to play.

Online Golf Lessons – The Golf Swing Plane

Golf is often synonymous to Tiger Woods, who is by far considered to be the most talented and gifted golfer in the world today. Golf is considered a mind sport. It is a sport so complex that it needs to be understood so that you can fully execute the moves well and play the sport efficiently.

Online Golf Lessons – A More Convenient and Affordable Way to Learn Golf

Most of the time, a lot of people who are learning how to play golf find it very frustrating. However, even though it is frustrating and may take some time, it is definitely worth it once you’ve learned how to play golf.

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