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Low Shots Trim Handicaps

Golf is all about making decisions. Making good decisions cuts strokes from your score. Making bad decisions adds strokes to your score. Make enough bad decisions during a round and your score-and maybe your golf handicap-balloons, golf lessons and golf tips notwithstanding.

Goals, Expectations, and Golf Handicaps

The best way of shaving strokes is by improving your short game. It’s also the best way of cutting your golf handicap down to single digits. So if you’re truly serious about cutting your golf handicap, you’ll set a goal for yourself of becoming more precise in your short game and eliminating those costly errors due to unrealistic expectations.

Using the Right Putter Sheds Strokes

Improving putting is the fastest way of chopping strokes off a golf handicap-bar none. Anywhere from 30 percent to 40 percent of your strokes are putts during a round. If you can reduce your putts per round, you’ll quickly lower your scores and your golf handicap.

Five Golf Tips on Accuracy

Accuracy dramatically lowers golf handicaps. Hitting a ball where you want when you want time and time again chops strokes off your scores and golf handicap. To help golfers improve, golf lessons on accuracy usually focus on swing mechanics. That’s a great place to start.

Wrong Scores Bring Rough Penalties

Robert De Vincenzo had a rough birthday. De Vincenzo was playing in The Masters on his 45th birthday when he made a scoring error. He signed his card with a 4 on the 71st hole instead of the 3 he actually made.

An Introduction to Graphite Golf Clubs

Graphite golf clubs are a bit more flexible as compared to steel clubs, but their major advantage lies in their weight. This can increase your swing speed by as much as 6 miles per hour.

Salvaging a Bad Round

Everyone has bad rounds-even the pros. Maybe you’re tired. Or you’ve had a long layoff since you last played. Or, it’s just not a good day: Whatever the reason, you’re not getting it done.

Golf Bag Reviews – How to Choose the Best Golf Bag

Golf carry bags (or stand bags) are getting better and lighter all the time. What are the new innovations? And how should you evaluate a golf bag? The golf bag has evolved in recent years to the point that features such as backpack straps, rain hoods, and valuables and beverage pockets are all commonplace.

Simplify Your Sand Strategy

Few things are more unsettling than hitting into a greenside bunker. If you have problems hitting out of greenside bunkers, you could probably cut a stroke or two from your golf handicap just by improving your bunker play.

Making Golf More Fun

Some people take golf too seriously. We’ve all heard the one about the golfer who got so upset over hitting a ball in the water that he grabbed his golf clubs-or at least what he thought was his golf clubs-and threw then into the lake, bag and all.

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