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Golf – Holding Your Club Correctly

Learning how to hold a golf club is the first factor in getting the best game of golf. In time, the golf club grips may become overused and lead to you not having the perfect game of golf. Learning to grip your golf club is only possible if you take the time to practice the game.

Golf Swing – Improve Yours Today!

The game of golf is all about having the perfect swing to your golf club. Learning and finding out how you can improve your golf swing will make you succeed better in your game. The golf swing is not just about swinging your golf club any way that you want. You need to have a precise process to your swing that will help you succeed in your game and win a good shot. In perfecting your golf swing, you need to take care of how you hold your golf club.

The Steps To A Better Golf Swing

Coming from personal experience I find that follow through is usually unquestionably essential. For some people this is super difficult. Sometimes you have great follow through and then on the very next shot it all goes south. Whenever I fail to remember to focus on my own follow through I usually wind up with an erratic shot. You can really see this in my game when I am chipping.

The Way Golf Conquered the World

Golf is a very ancient sport, but you should know that its development followed the lines of the development of the British Empire. This development brought this sport to Northern America, to New Zealand, to India and South Africa, as well as towards the East. Wherever there was British domination, there was golf, too.

How To Break 80 Review – Less Than 80

Imagine yourself out on the green stepping up to the tee and then you play the best game of golf that you have ever played. You can see your friend’s faces as they stand there and stare trying to figure out just how you did it. If they knew that you read How To Break 80 they may laugh at you and think that it is a joke. But, the score does not lie.

Medicus Driver – Is the Medicus Driver a Legal Golf Club?

The Medicus Driver is the most popular “hittable” golf training aid ever sold, but will using it break the rules of golf? Find out here.

Tips To Putt Better – 2 Easy Ways To Increase Confidence on Short Putts

If you take note of how many putts you make in an 18 hole round of golf, you will realise that almost half of the shots are made with your putter. Therefore it makes sense to dedicate about half of your practice time on putting right? Here are 2 drills that will help you increase confidence on short putts and save strokes on the green. Use these drills regularly and amaze your playing partners with your dropping golf scores.

Help Me Putt – Easy Way To Create A Consistent Putting Stroke

Do you have what they call the ‘yips’ when it is your turn on the green? A fear when you grip that putter because you have no clue if you will push or pull the putt? The fact is that you can become a good putter even if you don’t believe it yet. You just need to address the fundamental issue of creating a consistent putting stroke.

Free Golf Tee Times – Tips for Finding the Real Deals

Are free golf tee times really free? Can you play quality golf courses when you want to play and where you want to play and still get great golf deals including deeply discounted tee times and even free golf? You can if you know where to look. Read the following tips for finding free tee times on your terms.

Beginner’s Guide – Begin Your Golf Experience Without Golf Injuries

It may hurt a bit, but let’s face it – a beginner golfer may think of golf as a sport that only involves merely hitting the golf balls without thinking how the body reacts to every swing. This novice perception in this sport may just be the reason for the existence of future golf injuries. However, before you will misinterpret my statement, I am not saying that only beginners are affected by these injuries, because while on the course an injury can happen to both a pro and a beginner.

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