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Relax for a More Powerful Golf Swing

A crucial point to be observed in the development of a fluid and powerful golf swing is the concept of letting the arms just go along for the ride. What this means is that you want your arms to be relaxed and free of any tension throughout the entire swing motion – they should simply transfer the power generated by the rotation of your torso.

Fixing Your Golf Swing

When the winter winds begin to blow and frost is on the pumpkin it is time to store your golf clubs in moth balls and patiently wait for spring right? Wrong. This is the best time to improve your swing.

Golf and Instruction: Finding the Method Right for You

It doesn’t matter whether you have been playing golf for years or are just starting out in the sport; you probably want to improve your method a bit. Tiger Woods most likely just isn’t within your budget for taking private lessons. Thus, there are a few alternatives for you to consider for the game of golf and instruction to improve your swing.

The Best Golf Downswing Drill There Is

The golf downswing is THE most critical part of a good, consistent golf swing. Get it right and you will hit longer, straighter, more accurate golf shots. This is the best drill to help develop a great golf downswing.

Proper Posture and Ball Position to Improve Your Putting

Putting is where the rubber meets the road. The more putts you make the lower your scores. You may not be aware of it, but posture is a big factor on how effective you are when putting. Contrary to popular belief, your stance can make a difference in your results. It is best to start with your feet about shoulder width apart. This will keep your body sturdy and balanced.

How to Reduce Your Golfing Handicap Rapidly

There are a lot of benefits to learning the game of golf but it can be a challenge to get better. Learn how to practice the smart way so that you can get better more quickly and shoot lower scores.

4 Golf Putting Tips to Improve Your Game

Amateur golfers often believe that the type of putter they use will make a difference in their results. When you consider how often a professional golfer changes putters, who can blame them. The truth is that you can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new putter, but the new club is not going to fix a flawed putting stroke.

Best Golf GPS – The Handy Golfing Companion

There are a lot of golf GPS systems out there. They can really help one’s golf game. Even the simplest units can provide accurate measurements for distances to the green.

How to Enjoy a Game of Golf and Improve Your Swing

Golf is an outdoor ball game, played on a golf course, where the aim is to hit the ball into a series of holes using the least number of strokes. Each hole has an area where you would tee off, that is hit the ball as hard and as straight as you can down the fairway along to a well mowed region called a green where the hole is, that you are aiming for. Of course there are barriers like ‘the rough’ or sand traps, water, trees and these are known as bunkers.

What Is Down Golf Swing?

The down golf swing is the most crucial yet the least understood golf shot. It is the body mechanics and the right posture that fetches you a perfect downswing. A proper alignment of your body, backswing and grip creates the shot.

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