Michelle Wie West talks playing on the PGA Tour as a teenager, how to grow the women’s game

A Closer Look At The Golf Drive

This article discusses briefly how a golf drive is one of the most essential skills that a golfer should master. It provides the reader some hints to master the golf drive, thus achieving successful shots.

Learning The Perfect Swing – Golf

Each golf player is in pursuit of a perfect swing. Some players are very strong and want to know how they can adjust the game to get the right shot to hit the ball very far off the tee. Other players can hit the ball very hard, but end up hitting it wrong and send it into some kind of hazard. No matter what type of player you are, you can be sure there are some tips you can follow to help you find the perfect golf swing.

Nike Golf Clubs From The Beginning!

Nike golf clubs have come along way in a short time, Nike now produce many different ranges of clubs, from the tour drivers and blades all the way through to their game improvement iron sets and putters. At first Nike weren’t taken seriously by the more established golf club manufacturers or for that matter by the golfing public, but through massive investment in The Oven Nike’s R&D facility, Nike golf clubs contain some of the most advanced technology on the market today.

Golf For Beginners – Learn How to Play Golf

Golf for beginners can be tedious and time consuming. Even the most avid golfer can look back to the days when they were trying to learn the ins and outs of the game of golf, and wondering how hard it could be to hit a ball in a hole.

Electric Golf Trolley Batteries

On a golf trolley or buggy the power source comes from a Lead Acid or Gel battery, which is sealed so requires little or no maintenance. These batteries are invariably 12 volt units and come in various sizes with different amperages that generate the power to the trolley and govern the length of time a trolley can be used before the power fades. For most lightweight trolleys you can use a 22amp battery which will last eighteen holes on a flattish course and with a normal sized golf bag.

The Golf Swing Tips Used By Pros

I always wanted to improve my golf swing. So I had to find ways of improving my golf swing. The golfing tips in this article are the ones that I have used to become a better swinger.

Golf Chipping Lesson

One of the biggest mistakes a golfer can make is thinking of their chip shot as simply a shortened version of their full swing. With chipping you do not want to cock your wrists, move your hands, or turn your lower body. You should consider your chip as more of an extended put with a few adaptations.

The Best Golf Warm Up

Most club-level golfers don’t appreciate just how much impact a suitable warm up can have on their round. The amateur players I see, either do no warming up at all or they make a few more practice swings than normal on the first tee. But a suitable (and simple) warm up can improve literally every aspect of your game – from your swing speed and shot distance, to your swing plane and accuracy…

Ways To Become A Great Golfer

This article provides you some helpful hints on how to become a great golfer. This article is not only for those aspiring and amateur golf players, but also for those who are touring pros.

How to Build Up a Great Swing in Golf

Regardless if you are a professional amateur, or a beginner, you need to learn to perfect your swing in golf. Without a good swing – technically sound, you will never excel in the sport of golf. The first thing you need to face in trying to correct your swing in golf is your grip.

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