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How to Play Golf – The Real Step Step by Guide

Golf is a very enjoyable game. To begin with the game is not very difficult and once you have learned the game and its subtle nuances, it can be highly addictive.

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Clubs

Have you ever wondered if there is, in fact, a “magic skill” in golfing? You know, that one skill, which, if you learn it, will allow you improve your game dramatically and be almost unstoppable on the green. Well, you are in luck because such a skill does exist.

Improve Your Golf Swing by Simplifying It

There is a tyranny of technique that we must free ourselves from to play golf at our potential. We can start by building our swing from the top down, in a way that allows good swing technique to emerge by itself without conscious direction. Try out these three ideas to see what I mean.

How to Cure a Slice in Golf

Many players around the world would like to know how to cure a slice in golf. Slicing the ball to the left or right is common among many golfers. It even affects the pros from time to time.

How to Get Rid of That Frustrating Golf Slice

Golf is a great social sport. If you love the outdoors, golf is the ideal game. And you do not have to be super fit to be a good golfer.

Guidelines For Fixing a Golf Slice

Many golfers experience a golf slice, in fact, it is common among them. Training has been done just to try to fix the issue however if someone does not know what causes these slices in golf, it will never get fixed. Nonetheless, there is no training needed if you follow guidelines for fixing a golf slice.

Golf Slice – How to Fix a Golf Slice

One of the biggest problems golfers have these days is slicing the ball. There are various ways to fix a golf slice. You may want to take lessons from the local pro or down at your golf club. This will probably cost you some money unless you’re the best of buddies. However, you can do what a lot of other golfers around the world are doing to help improve their swing.

Avoid Comfort ‘Zones’ on the Golf Course

As golfers, we all have those particular shots that we prefer, the ones that we are comfortable with. We have locations or ‘lies’ that suit our swings best and if we could have our way, we would not be faced with a single shot from a stance that was less than ideal.

Modern Golfers Are Not Afraid to Try New Putting Grips

If you have been paying attention to the putting grip you may have noticed the thinking about the conventional grip has changed. Previously most golfers used a very conventional grip. Primarily the same grip as used on the other clubs except holding the putter in the palm rather than the fingers.

Beginner Golf Tips – Slice Control

Golf looks easier than it really is but nonetheless it is a serious sport of concentration. If you have decided to take up a new hobby, or you want to participate in recreational activities like golf, you need to know a few things. As a beginner, golf tips slice to which club to use are mentioned below.

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