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How to Get Your Driver to Perform After Months of Neglect!

After we have been cooped up for months on end during the winter season it can be really hard to find your groove again on the golf course. There is no better way to a good golf season than boosting your confidence before you step out onto the tee for the first time in the new year. Let me show you how.

Getting Out of the Sand – Part 2

Golf professionals find getting out of the sand fairly easy, and you will to when you have the right golf swing mechanics in place. The following step by step golf swing methods will help give you the right mechanics to help, and with a little practice will become a natural thing for you, and give you the solid base that you need to improve your bunker play. Please note that the steps I’m giving you apply to normal sand.

2010 Golf Club Review – Iron Sets

If you are considering a new set of irons for the 2010 golf season, there are some fantastic choices available from many of the leading brands and manufacturers. Let’s examine some of the options available this year from Callaway Golf, Nike Golf, Ping Golf, and Mizuno Golf. These companies have been among the leaders in quality and technology for the last few years and continue to provide outstanding golf clubs.

Improving Your Golf Game – Taking a Balanced Approach

Having a balanced approach to the game of golf will improve your scores and lower your handicap. You must have balance in both your physical approach and your mental approach.

Junior Golf Clubs – For Golfers of the Future

The most successful golfers of today would tell you that they attribute their success by constant practice and perseverance to improve their game. It takes years to develop the perfect swing and maintain the correct form when going for a putt. Some these people even started as far back as during their childhood years.

Golf – Hitting Down to Go Up

Golf is a game that often can become such a mental fog that one finds they can’t get their game off of a particular plateau. This is often because the game calls for contradictory motions, particularly when striking the ball. The concept of hitting down to get more loft on a ball is a perfect example. Let’s take a closer look.

Driving the Ball – The Cure For Your Massive Slice

That little white ball sure can cause a lot of frustration if we let it. One avenue in which this can occur is when we choose to drive the ball. Instead of heading straight for where we aimed, it takes on the characteristics of a Frisbee and slices off to the right into some form of roughage.

Christmas Ideas For the Golf Enthusiast

Christmas is right around the corner and there are so many routes to take when it comes to buying gifts for loved ones. For many Americans, the sport of golf is a popular past time and one of their most favorite ways to spend their free time at any time through out the year. Here are some Christmas ideas for the golf enthusiast that will surely make them smile the next time they hit the greens.

Different Modern Style Golf Travel Bags

A golf travel bag is used primarily to carry and transport the golf clubs of golfers. They are typically made from polyester, leather or nylon and made in cylindrical form mainly to accommodate the size and shape of golf clubs.

Choosing the Right Teaching Pro

I have long believed that there are two types of teaching professionals. The ones who want to help and the ones who want to get paid. Do not get me wrong…we ALL want to get paid for our services…no matter who we are or what we do…I think you get the message.

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