Michael Phelps, Reggie Bush, John Smoltz, and more explain why retired pro athletes turn to golf

Achieve Your Lowest Score With These Putting Tips

Putting tips that will lower your score. Includes pre-putt routine, and reading the green.

Improve Your Putting by the Right Type of Practice

I have spent many hours at a golf facility observing those on the driving range and the few that populate the putting green and I am always amused at what I see. Now those on the green know by improving their putting it will have the most effect on their golf score although most of them are not practicing in the way that they should. Improve your putting by practicing the shots that really matter which is those under five feet.

Who Are the Top 5 Mental Golfers of All Time?

Here is our list of the greatest masters of golf psychology of the mental golf techniques they have used: 1. Jack Nicklaus – Possibly the greatest mental golfer of all time. Top of the list with 18 major wins, Jack is known for playing calm, collected mental golf.

2 Deadly Putting Drills For Golf – Improve Your Feel For Distance Around the Green

Any golf pro worth his salt will tell you that the quickest way to lower your handicap is through improving your short game. In particular your feel for distance around the green.

Improve Your Putting Through Visualization

The top golfers have been using visualization for years to improve their putting game and if you are looking for ways to improve your putting this may very well be the component that you are looking for. Now I am not going to say you need to take it as far as Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack, but it is essential that you incorporate visualization skills into your golf game in order to knock off those extra strokes. When you hit the green what you need to do is go into the routine that will give you the best…

A Good Golf Swing Follow Through Produces Distance and Accuracy

The biggest swing flaw for recreational golfers is not completing the golf swing follow through. Virtually all poor shots including putts are due to an incomplete swing or stroke.

Learn How to Make Long Putts – The Key to Reading Long Putts

Have your ever wondered how golf pros manage to lag long putts close to the hole? I am talking putts that cover significant elevation changes. Putts that are required to negotiate severe side hill breaks. Sometimes these putts are double breakers, that is to say that they cover a left hand break and a right hand break on the same putt.

Golf Driver – 4 New Hot Series

Cobra for ladies – The sleek cobra S9-1 driver (including the fairway metals) for women feature a hotter 9 point technology, which gives a high COR across the entire club face. Available in two loft options, 11.5 degrees (straight neck) and 13…

Fixing Golf Slice Tips and Suggestions

Fixing golf slice can improve your game tremendously. I have some helpful tips and suggestions I hope will help improve your slice quickly. The easiest way to fix your golf slice will be with the grip.

How to Correct a Slice in Your Golf Game

Do you love golf but get frustrated because you cannot seem to stop slicing the ball? No matter how hard you concentrate, you still do not hit it straight consistently.

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