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Top Colleges With Women’s Golf Programs

The highest-rated golf colleges for women were UCLA, Southern California, North Caroline, Pepperdine, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia, Rollins, Stanford and Vanderbilt. Duke had a 85.845 rating compared to UCLA with a 85.612 rating, barely edging them out for number one. Rollins College was the only Division II college named in the top 50 for women. There are a few women’s University golf programs that dominate the women’s golf scene…

Learn How To Play Better Golf – Key Points To Better Your Golf Swing

If you want to learn how to play better golf you first must start with your golf swing. By improving your golf swing will make the game much more enjoyable. Learn the key points to better your golf swing and learn how to play better golf…

Choose The Right Golf Clothing

How do you know you are getting the right golf clothing? This is an important question for a couple of reasons. For starters, first impressions are important. One’s attire, regardless of the activity, is an expression of a person’s personal style and attitude. A second reason, and an equally important one, is that golf apparel needs to accommodate the game’s physical demands.

How To Fix A Slice – How To Get Help To Fix Your Slice

A large number of golfers are self taught. While this is a difficult road to go down, it is by no means impossible but progress may be slow and unrewarding at first. Golf is such a technical sport that many of the fundamentals of the swing can be missed or ignored and this can lead to the development of bad habits.

The Skinny on Women’s Golf Shoes

Thinking of purchasing a new pair of ladies golf shoes? This article will arm you with the information you need to make an educated purchase.

Golf Memberships – Should I Get One?

A big question facing many golfing Americans is whether or not they should get a golfing membership at their favorite course. By solving these two questions located in this article, you will be able to figure out whether or not you want a new golfing membership.

Relax Your Way To A Lower Golf Score

Bobby Jones said, “The enemy in golf is tension.” If tension is the enemy then relaxation is to key to unlocking your peak performance. Learn an effective way to release tension from your body so that you can swing your best and maximize your skills on the golf course.

Discount Golf Shoes for Women

Looking to buy discount golf shoes for women? Then you must know where to look for and how to choose the right one. If you are a serious lady golfer, then you understand that having a very good pair of shoes is almost as vital as having the good quality golf clubs.

How to Increase Golf Club Distances For All of Your Clubs!

More distance could be considered the holy grail of golf, ask any golfer what he or she wants most and it will most likely be more distance. This article will touch on the basics increasing your golf club distance with all of your clubs. Swing adjustments that will improve your swing are the key.

Cheapest Golf Shoes Online

If you are looking for the cheapest golf shoes online, then you need to go to review sites and e-commerce sites that offer only the high quality buy affordable golf footwear. It is a common misconception that if you buy things that are cheap, it will get trashed fast. Golfers who are looking for the cheapest golf shoes online are not looking for low quality and uncomfortable shoes.

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