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Golf Downswing – How to Get it Right

Getting the golf downswing right is critical for hitting a good shot. Even if your backswing is picture perfect, get the downswing wrong and it’s all for nothing. Here is how to instantly perfect this motion.

Golf Cart Safety – How to Prevent Injury

It used to be that most golfers would rather walk for their round from the tees to the fairways in order to benefit from the full physical exercise that could be derived from playing this royal and ancient game. In fact, despite the long history of golf, the first golf cart was introduced only in the late 1940s to enable players with disabilities to have mobility around a golf course.

Golf Cart Accidents – Shocking Information You Must Know

The golf course is a place where people are supposed to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie among players of this revered sport. However, these pleasant circumstances have been marred by an increasing number of accidents and injuries all because of an almost innocuous-looking vehicle. A recent study showed that the number of injuries resulting from golf cart accidents increased by more than 130% during the 1990-2006 period.

Golf Swing Power

Golf swing power CAN be improved. Anyone who says that long hitters are born, and not created, only has it half right.

Tips For Increasing Golf Driving Distance

This articles presents some fun and easy to use tips that are guaranteed to add yards to your drives and cut strokes off your game. Give them a try and enjoy the longer walks to your monster drives.

In the Bunker He’s My Friend, On the Green I Hate Him!

Depending on how your your opposition is doing you can be quite happy with them or start developing some real loathing. If you have ever felt any form of negative emotions for the people you are playing with, you are breaking some of the biggest “Mental Game” fundamentals. Learn what they are and how to begin dealing with them for improved performance on the course and as an additional benefit, gain more pleasure from your game.

Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Most weekend golfers just go out to the golf course to enjoy the sunshine, the good fellowship of their golfing buddies and have a few brewskis after the round of golf. That’s good. We aren’t all trying to be Tiger Woods. We just want to duff around and have fun. But sooner or later we start to think about our handicap and become a little tired of being kidded about it. Being nicknamed Sahara for so many times we get into sand traps, or Woody because of our drives that end up in the trees is fine, but the more we play, the bug to become a better golfer and have a respectable handicap gets stronger. So, if that’s the case with you – try some of these tips to improve golf swing.

Choosing the Best Golf Clubs to Enhance Your Game – Tips to Choosing the Right Golf Club

Playing golf is an incredibly fun game once you begin to get better at it. However, beginners and even seasoned pros struggle the most with choosing the best golf clubs. Once you know what qualities to look for the process becomes much simpler and your game will be greatly improved by choosing the right golf clubs.

Looking For Golf Putting Tips?

Golf putting tips are an important part of scoring well in a good game of golf. Therefore a good tip can take you a long way. You should ideally select tips from golfing experts who have mastered the game through years of dedication and practice so that you can build upon their expertise and not waste time relearning things that they already know.

The Perfect Golf Swing – Is This Golf Swing Obtainable?

Are you wondering if the perfect golf swing is a myth? Find out how you can improve your odds at developing this swing.

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