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Putting Tips – Learn The Secrets and Putt Like The Pros!

Think about this for a second. On a standard par seventy-two golf course, thirty-six of those shots are designated to be putts. This equates to relying on your putter for half of your game! You are looking for putting tips, here’s the first one…

Searching for the Right Golf Swing

Golf is a great game. It is great for people of all ages. Even small children can have fun playing golf. No one has a perfect golf swing at first. Developing a good golf swing will take time. The good news is there are lots of things you can do to improve your golf swing.

How to Infuse a Golf Swing With New Power!

Important golf tips! This is the single simple most important golf tip that you can adopt to improve you accuracy and distance. Control your golf club. If you are swinging your golf club so fast that it is not under full control then you will never get the distance you need. By slowing your club down by up to 30% speed you will actually increase your distance. This is as a result of better contact with the sweet spot of the golf club face.

I Am Giving Up Golf!

Recently I have been trying master a better golf swing. But somehow, have not been able to turn the corner. I got a few tips here and there from friends and playing partners. I have even taken a couple of lessons from a golf pro.

Hit A Golf Driver Far – 3 Steps To Ripping A Golf Driver Far and Straight

You want to crush your driver down the middle every time? Don’t just swing hard, swing it right for a long and straight drive. Just follow these 3 steps…

Three Basic Golf Tips to Fix Hook Shots

Next to the golf slice, the golf hook is the most frustrating bad shot that golfers want to eliminate from their game. But what are golf hooks exactly? These are golf shots that fly to the right of your target. And here are some of the most effective ways to prevent hitting golf hooks instead of straight golf shots:

What Is a Good Winter Golf Training Program?

Not looking forward to the winter playing havoc with your golf? Plan now and institute a fun and rewarding winter program designed to keep you motivated and moving forwards through the winter months. Smart golfers always have a specific plan for improvement through the winter and so should you. Do this and you will definitely play better golf and have a lot more fun next season.

Basics of Golf for the Golf Beginners

Become a expert golfer is not tough job but it require dedication and practice. In golf basics many things come like rules, equipment, what to wear, where to play, the list goes on and on.

FREE Golf Tips – The KISS Theory

Everyone has heard of the “KISS” method, but I am sure you looked at the heading and said what does that have to do with playing golf. Am I right? I can see your head nodding up and down, say yes. Admit, you are trying to figure out how the equates to playing better.

How to Dramatically Lower Your Golf Handicap

The easiest way to lower your score is try and keep your ball on the fairway with each stroke you make with exception to the par three’s where the ball needs to find the green with your tee shot. Sound reasonable to you? The truth is, keeping the ball in play and on the short grass as often as possible will enable you to make clean contact with the ball thus creating the much favoured backspin required to hold the green.

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