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The Top 5 Recommended Golf Club Brands

Any golfer worth his salt doesn’t need to be told that his game is only going to be as good as his golf equipment. This is doubly so when it comes to the most important part of a golfer’s collection of equipment – his golf clubs. The art of creating effective golf clubs, as well as a variety of clubs to suit different types of golfers, is a million dollar business for a reason.

Louis’ Red Spot

Karl Morris devised the idea of a red spot on Louis Oostenhuisen’s golf glove to signal to Louis that when he looked at the spot, the sequence to making the shot commenced. He says that Louis had the problem of not knowing when to switch on for the next shot and by looking at the spot on his glove signalled that it was time to focus.

Winter Training

I don’t know about where you are but it is getting quite dark very early in the evenings now in the UK. So there is very little time to get out and play on the course after work.

Westwood Becomes the Best Golfer on the Planet

At last England’s Lee Westwood knocks Tiger Woods off the top spot and on paper becomes the best golfer on the planet! Becoming the worlds best golfer having not won a Major is some feat.

6 Free Golf Driving Tips – Hit More Fairways

For many golfers, teeing off on the first tee is like pulling teeth without Novocain. Having an audience watching you just adds to the anxiety. Some golfers have given up on hitting a driver all together. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Fix Your Wicked Slice!

This article provides the best and simplest solution to fix your slice. We shortcut the process provide you with two proven keys that every golfer can master.

Know How to Correct a Golf Hook Shot

Mostly beginners are passing their hard time to fix golf hook shot and each time they facing the same problem. One and only one solution available to fix the golf hook shot is practice your drills.

Score Better And Improve Playing Golf And Focusing In The Twenty Seconds It Takes To Actually Play

The three paths to lowering your scores in golf are: 1- Executing key swing fundamentals during the twenty seconds it takes to complete your pre-shot routine and swing the golf club address. 2- Using golf fundamentals as swing cues that allow you to recall the right sequence of these basics in those critical 20 seconds it takes complete the pre-shot routine. 3- Knowing what your head and eyes are doing during the full swing and when putting the ball The first key is all about executing the fundamentals correctly, the second key lets you become consistent…

Some Golf Tips for Beginners to Improve the Game

Golf has now become a universal game. People all over the world play it and enjoy it. If you are one of those many people and have just set your foot in the world of golf then here we have some advices and tips for you to have more fun in playing this incredible game.

How to Get New Callaway Golf Balls on Sale

How do you get new Callaway golf balls on sale? The truth is, you do not have to pay top dollar for this equipment. Here are five tips to help you find cheap prices now:

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