Mark Hubbard talks teaming with Joel Dahmen at the Zurich, how he got the nickname ”Homeless Hubbs”

6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Golf Ball

Before you can figure out which ball works best, a golfer must choose several to test. There are two things to keep in mind.

Golfing in the Rain – 6 Things You Should Know

Golfing is a passion for many people around the world. Unfortunately the world isn’t always as passionate. If you find that you spend time golfing in the rain, you might want to learn how to play in the rain without it affecting your game. Here’s how…

Benefits of Custom Fit Golf Clubs

When a new set of golf clubs is required, many would most often go out to purchase the latest and the hottest brand name they can find. They often do not even consider custom fit golf clubs for an alternative. Custom fit golf clubs offer both amateur and professional players a genuine and high quality product. With the recent advancement in golf club technology and fitting techniques, a custom fit golf club is not significantly more expensive than some of the higher end products.

How to Play Golf in the Wind – Secret Tips to Keep Your Game Together and Shoot a Better Score!

Many golfers struggle with their golf game when the elements of nature turn ugly and provide blustery, uncomfortable conditions out on the golf course. Whilst these conditions are certainly much tougher and difficult to score in, it is possible to hold your nerve and keep your score together. Quite often that’s the mind set required!

How to Play the Golf Chip Shot Like the Pros – Get You Up And Down Every Time!

If you want to really start improving your golf score and taking strokes off your handicap then becoming proficient in your pitching and chipping is vital. This is the one part of the game often overlooked by beginners and amateurs as they tend to focus on the longer part of the game. You can literally save yourself anywhere from 4 – 6 shots a round just by improving your golf chip shots from around the greens.

Simple Steps to Improving Your Golf Swing

As you may well know, the game of golf is considered an individual sport. The mechanics and the basics are the same for everyone who plays yet the differences in the individual make it a unique sport.

Internal Imaging in Golf – When to Think About the Dangers and When Not To

A lot of Johnny come lately mind gurus are saying that you should never think about the dangers on the golf course. This just goes to show that they are not golfers. There is very definitely a time and place to seriously think about the dangers of a shot and the traps set by the golf course designer. In fact you very definitely MUST think about the dangers if you are to play your best golf. Let’s chat about when and why to think about them and when, why and how to plan your perfect shot.

Perfect My Golf Swing – You Are Not Going to Learn a Perfect Golf Swing, Stop Wasting Your Time

Face facts and give yourself a break. If you really are trying to perfect your golf swing, and I seriously hope you are not, then I would urge you to get un-hypnotised by all the false claims and face the facts. You will NEVER perfect your golf swing so stop trying for heavens sake. Attempting to achieve the unachievable is only going to end up in tears for you I promise. There are far too many golfers trying to perfect swings and just experiencing untold frustration.

Top 3 Tricks For Choosing the Right Clubs For You

While choosing your golf clubs, it is really important that you do things correctly. If you don’t, the results might end up being regrettable. You could possibly find yourself getting clubs that don’t fit you, or maybe even clubs that will chance your swing for the worse. Here’s three great tips on how to stop that from occurring.

Things to Remember When Practicing Golf

Your swing trainer can be very beneficial. Playing golf takes a lot of hard work.

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