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Basics In Golf

Have you ever experienced sitting in your living room one lazy afternoon and you turn on your television? You changed the channels and you see a golf competition. Then you wonder how it feels like to be actually there, under the heat of the sun with the greenness of the field. You watch for a while then you decide that you actually want to try playing it. You grab your phone and call your friends and you’re ready to go. But then you remember, all you know about the sport is how it is played, what about the basic terminologies used in this game?

A Golf Instruction Idea That Changes Your Approach to Golf

There is a simple 3-Step routine that you can follow to create consistency in your golf shots. 1) Think It, 2) Feel It, 3) Do It.

Golfer’s Elbow – Find Out Whether You Are Susceptible to Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s Elbow is the most common cause of pain on the inside of the elbow in the United States. This article will show you whether you are at risk of developing Golfer’s Elbow. It describes the sporting activities that present the greatest risk and also those non-sporting activities that can lead to the onset of Golfer’s Elbow.

Applying Biomechanics to Prevent Injuries in Golf

Personal trainers and fitness instructors can work seamlessly with golf coaches to provide a great combination of skills for their golfing clients. It is important that the client is screened regularly to ensure the conditioning programme is suitable for them and is moving forwards as they progress. This will also help guide them through an exercise programme that will not only help improve their golf swing, but will also help reduce their risk of injury.

Golf It Away

Are you going on a vacation with your family? Summer is near and it is a perfect time for the family to bond through going to vacation trips and play various sports like golf. Playing golf while on a vacation?

Advantages of the Mike Austin Golf Swing

As Trackman launch monitors and 3D swing analysis technology become more popular, I believe it will usher in a new age in the world of professional golf, and golf instruction as a whole. Today’s current ‘fad’ teaching styles will give way to a new style of swing – a style who’s origins date back over 100 years!

The Most Important Part of the Golf Swing

Most players make the golf swing harder than it has to be. This article explains the most important part of the golf swing and what to do to make it work.

The Golf Skills You Should Practice

Isn’t it maddening? You have a good day on the range, or a good day on the course, when your swing is just clicking away and you can’t help but hit one good shot after another in spite of yourself. Then the next time you go out, blotto. Where did that good swing go? It didn’t go anywhere. It’s right there and you can get it back if you know how.

Golfers: Do You Learn From Your Mistakes?

Golf is a complicated game. Almost every shot is different from any other you have hit before. At best, you take your knowledge and experience and bring them all together as they bear on the shot you are about to hit. Or do you?

Golfers: You Should Have More Than One Teacher

I hope all of you reading this article get lessons periodically. At least, those of you who want to play better. If you’re trying to teach yourself, you will only improve so much, and then stop. There will be no further you can go because that is all the farther your conception of golf can take you.

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