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Solo Golfing

If you want to improve your game consider solo golfing. It’s a time to practice, focus and enjoy a whole new experience. You will notice the difference next time you join that foursome. It’s no secret, pro’s sharpen their skills with solo golfing, so can we. Are you ready?

How to Find the Best Golf Book

As an amateur player, it can be very hard to find the best golf book; you may even feel you are trying to solve a puzzle when trying to figure out which one is the best. Because there have been revisions on golf books over the years, the result left many golfers (whether amateur or pro) more puzzled after they have tried to go over what they have bought in the past.

How Can You Play Golf Without Even Having a Strategy in Golf?

Did you know that the ONLY thing that you should be thinking about during a round of golf is Strategy in Golf? I know that this idea is Totally Foreign to most golfers. Just think about it for a few moments, though. How can you perform well in anything without a PLAN about how you will succeed?

Chipping Tips – How to Execute the Perfect Chip Shot

In theory, the chip should be one of the easiest shots in the game. However, the truth is that many experienced golfer’s struggle with it from time to time. Whether you are a beginner to the game or a golfer who needs some advice, the following golf chipping tips will help you master the art of chipping.

Playing Golf on Long Island

Long Island is a great place to live or visit. There are so many interesting things to see and do. One of the best parts about Long Island is the many sports that are offered some of the year or all year round. Generally, participating in sports is both fun and good for you and you have a lot to choose from in the large landmass east of New York City.

Selecting the Perfect Junior Golf Club Set For Your Child

The 4 most important features to consider when shopping for Junior Golf Club Sets for your son or daughter to maximize their score and fun on the golf course. Shaft length, flex, grip size and weight.

Want to Get Your “Unofficial” Golf Handicap FREE? Here’s How

Are you a casual golfer who loves the game, the socializing, the great walk outdoors, followed by the 19th hole, but you can’t be bothered getting an official handicap from The Golf Handicap and Information Network known as GHIN? You’re not alone. Lots of players just want to enjoy the game and not worry about tracking their scores. But there are times, even for the casual player, when it’s handy to have a sense of how you stack up against other players. Here’s one way to get your handicap for FREE.

Starting Golf

If you are just starting golf as a sport, here are some tips to get you going. Learn to grip the club properly. More bad swings have developed from the compensation needed to overcome an incorrect grip.

Golf Bunker Shots

I have a tip for your golf bunker shots that you are absolutely going to love. It does not matter if you are a new golfer or plus three handicap. The last time you had a buried bunker shot, you either made this great big smash at it and the ball only went a foot or two.

Change Your Routine

Choosing a path with no obstacles generally does not lead anywhere. Change your routine to improve your swing and game.

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