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Golf Holiday How to Plan – How to Have a Really “Swinging” Time

For the really ardent golfer, vacation plans will usually include the desire to get in at least a couple rounds of golf. And the possibility of getting to play golf in a new and exotic place can be very exciting indeed. But, how do you plan these fabulous golf holidays so that the trip is smooth and uneventful?

Post-Golf Exercises – Helps Tell the Sore, Keep the Score Low

You just had your best round of golf ever. You high five everyone on the way to the locker-room, you quickly shower and change clothing, toss your gear into your trunk and head out. You make a quick stop at the store and pick up a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk and then return home.

Golf Attire For the Ladies – Forever Free From the Ugly Plaids!

Once upon a time, women were not allowed to golf at all. Most clubs restricted women, along with other groups of potential golfers. Once women were allowed the right to pursue golf as a hobby, and yes, even as a career, the outfits that they were expected to wear was restrictive, uncomfortable and honestly, God awful ugly. Stiff material, overly long skirts and blouses that went right up to the chin made a woman’s swing short, choppy and of little use to her.

Golf – Tips For Better Driving

Any golfer will tell you, that first shot off the tee is so important to the rest of your game. There’s no point being good at putting and pitching if you’re only able to drive the ball 50 yards. So here are some tips for better golf driving.

Playing Golf in Bad Weather Does Not Mean You Have to Play Poorly – Part 2

Playing Golf in windy conditions is always challenging. There are many factors you have to take into consideration. One of the keys to playing in the wind is keeping the ball low to limit the affect the wind will have on the ball.

Hybrid Golf Clubs – An Introduction

Have you ever been frustrated by the difficulty of using long irons when golfing? You know that that 3 iron may be perfect for that shot, but you’ll be damned if you can actually hit anything straight with it. Even after hours of practice at the driving range, you still struggle to get those shots straightened out. Now, you’re not one to blame your gear for your problems, but what if there was a better design for these low loft clubs?

To Cure a Golf Slice, Check Out Your Stance

To develop an anti slice golf swing there are four areas of the golf swing to look at – the grip, stance, backswing and downswing. In this article I look at the stance, a common cause of the golf slice. When looking to correct a golf slice look at your stance.

The 3 Secret Methods to Find Your Best Deals on Discontinued Golf Shoes

Isn’t it just your luck – the golf game is improving and you’ve finally found that perfect pair of spikes. Soon, however you will be wearing discontinued golf shoes as the manufacturer has decided to go with a new line. There is a silver lining to this cloud however, so let’s explore your options.

To Fix a Golf Slice First Look at Your Grip

There are four areas that can contribute to the dreaded slice – the grip, the backswing, the downswing and the stance. In this article I look at the grip, the primary cause of most slices and when you look for the answer to how to fix a golf slice, the first component you must look at.

Ernie Els Golf Swing – 3 Ways on How to Copy the Big Hitting, Low Scoring Ernie Els

The Ernie Els golf swing is arguably the best and natural golf swing on the professional tour. Many have tried to copy the swing of this great man but few achieve. Here we look at the 3 easiest way to copy Ernie Els golf swing for yourself.

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