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Can Your Golf Clubs Affect Your Golf Swing?

Very few golfers I spoke to would actually say that they’re completely happy with their current golf swings, and most of them are open to advice and tips on how to address their golf swing issue. One of the reason could be the clubs they’re using, find out if you’re using the right clubs here!

Practice Your Perfect Golf Game With Golf Swing Drills

Practice made perfect, and I’m pretty sure no one will disapprove this fact. Even if an athletes have an incredible amount of talent and natural skills, without practice they would not be as successful as they currently are now, are you saying that Tiger Woods became the number one in the world without going through a lot of practicing?

How Golf Swing Basics Can Improve Your Golfing Experience

If there is one important tip for golf that you need to know, it will be getting your golf swing basics right. Having a solid foundation on your golf swing basics can tremendously improve your swing as well as lowering your scorecard, and thus finally allowing you to enjoy this game doubted as one of the best game in the world. So, what type of basics do you need to know?

How to Play With a Better Golf Swing

Do you know that most people struggle with their golf swing more than anything else on the course? Learning how to swing a golf club properly will hugely boost your game with consistency and great accuracy. Find out how to improve your game here.

Golf Tips to Shooting Low Rounds of Golf – Golf Tips a Conspiracy Or Not?

Golf tips are a dime a dozen to shoot lower rounds of golf. Golf tips are suspect at best because they seem to be the opinion of the pro teaching them There are tons of great tips out there but it seems confusing to the regular golfer. If you want to take golf tips to their optimal, you need to introduce mental perspectives into your practice routine.

Fix Your Slice and Improve Your Golf Swing in Two Weeks

Are you looking to improve your golf swing? Got a slice you can’t seem to fix no matter what you try? Think you’ll never break 80 on the golf course? How about adding amazing distance to your drive AND cutting your handicap by 12 strokes?

Important Tips For the Golfing Beginner

Here are some important tips those just beginning out in golf should follow to be sure they don’t get overly frustrated and give the game away before they have mastered the basics. New golfers are often pre-occupied about where the ball is going to go and lift there head up before the ball has been impacted and the swing completed.

Green Reading Myths – The Break Direction Myth

The myth is that there is only one aspect to the break on the green – the break direction – and once you know the direction of the break, that’s all you need. In thinking this, golfers are missing one of the two critical aspects of the break – the break amount (the severity of slope) – and how it can affect the roll of the ball. They’re also missing a lot of putts.

How to Grip a Golf Club

Gripping a golf club correctly is a very important aspect that many golfers take for granted. As a beginner you will find out that this basic fundamental will make the learning process a whole lot easier. Like anything, it will take some time and practice to find the grip that will work for you. So if you want to improve your golf game, make sure you know how to grip your club first.

Correcting a Slice – 3 Top Tips For Eliminating Your Slice Quickly and Easily Slashing Your Score

The slice is one of the most annoying shots in golf. If you’re like most golfers the sight of your ball veering wildly off the fairway and into the long grass leaves you frustrated and kicking yourself inside. Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate you slice forever and watch each and every shot sail cleanly and smoothly straight up the middle of the fairway? Now you can using these simple tips.

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