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Why is the Golf Swing So Important?

The golf swing makes or brakes the entire game. It’s not about your clubs or your putting. If you understand the one thing that it is about, you’ll execute powerful 300 yard drives, and there won’t be much physical effort needed.

Hole More Putts and Shoot Lower Scores

With so much focus on the power game in golf it is the shots, or should I say putts, from short range that get overlooked. To put it simply if you hole out well from short range during your next round of golf you WILL shoot a lower score.

Three Quick Tips to Fix the Golf Swing Hook

Are you interested in fixing your golf swing hook? This article will show you how to cure the hook from your golf game and ensure you start hitting your shots straight down the fairway.

Golf Equipment – Top Three Reasons to Own a Golf GPS Range Finder For Duffers

Imagine you knew the secret that would reveal the correct club for each shot on every round. Your shots would land the correct distance each time. You’re putting for birdie more often than not and your scores are lower than ever before. Discover how a simple new high tech handheld device can make all the difference in your next round.

Golf Isn’t Just a Game

To many people golf is seen as a simple type of sport that some people like to play. The truth is, however, that golf isn’t just a game. It is a relaxing activity that offers bonding between people. It is also a big part of business for many people beyond just those who play the game professionally.

Golf Lessons – Proper Way to Grip a Golf Club

One of the most important things taught to students in golf lessons is how to grip a golf club properly. It is important know how to grip a club properly so that it will be easier for a person to play and enjoy the game of golf.

Top Five Golf Courses of the World

There are all sorts of different great golf courses around the world for golfers to check out. The five courses listed here are some of the most unique courses to play on and can offer real challenges to golfers of all skill levels.

Taylor Made Drivers

The Burner Driver is among one of the newer, uniquely designed Taylor made drivers that are all over the market today. It is yet another special club from Taylor made with unique weight distribution and club head shape. It also has similar forgiveness levels to the R9 460 and comes at a very reasonable price…

3 Essential Tips For the Swingyde Golf Training Aid

I recently came across this nifty little golf training aid called the Swingyde, when I ran into one of my friends down at the local driving range. It’s not much to look at but it really helped me improve my swing which increased the length of my drives and my consistency by a staggering margin.

Golf Swing Tips – Top Five Tips to Improve Your Swing Mechanics For Duffers

You can’t seem to hit the ball correctly more that a few time per round. Yet you know you are capable if you just knew the right techniques you too could play better golf. You might even win a few skins. Discover the five keys to proper swing mechanics and you will soon be swinging like the pros.

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