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Titleist Irons – The New AP1 Titleist Iron

“Advanced Performance you can feel” – Titleist’s motto for this new club, and how right they are. Titleist have literally hit the ball out of the park with this new iron. It will literally change your game no matter your handicap. That last phrase “no matter your handicap” is key to this club. If Titleist has had any criticism in the past, it is that Titleist irons were not accessible for the average golfer. But my word have they changed that this year!

Unleash Your Potential Golf Swing Power Hidden Within You

Ever get the cringe when you approach a par 5 hole? You know you’re not going to make the green in 4 because of the lack of distance from your golf swing power. Read on to find out how to unlock the hidden potential in your swing!

Improve Your Golf Game With Better Golf Swing Consistency

The key to a better golf game is to actually have good consistency with every shot. While it is not humanely possible that every shot looks the same and follows the same as the one before, it does not mean that you can not and achieve better consistency in your game.

Golf Backspin – How-To Guide

Backspin in Golf? Now that’s a little tricky…but not as tricky as you might think! Perfecting backspin really helps with your distance control and ultimately saves you strokes. This informative article will provide some practical tips to putting backspin on your golf balls starting from your very next round.

Golf Shank Cure – Cure Your Shank Shot Shot and Never Suffer the Embarrassment and Frustration Again

It is the most embarrassing shot in golf. While most golfers will accept a slice or hook as a simple mistake the shank is another story. It really hurts deep when your ball skids of the tee and scuttles 40 yards from the tee.

Are Golf Swing Lessons For You?

Choosing to go for golf swing lessons by professional coaching can be a difficult decision as they are usually very expensive as well as it does not 100% guarantee that your game will improve. Some have even found that after all those lessons, nothing has changed for the better, and some even found it worst than before.

What is a Golf Car?

A golf car is a small vehicle designed to transport two golfers and their golfing equipment around a golf course. Golf clubs and country clubs often have a fleet of golf cars that are available for hire from the golf course so that their patrons can move about the golf course with less effort. Many avid golfers purchase their own golf car which may be stored at their club for a fee.

Why You Should Be Using Hybrid Golf Clubs

We have all seen the growing trend of more and more golfers using hybrid golf clubs, and you might find yourself wondering if they are for you. Well, I am here to tell you there are a lot more reasons for you to add hybrid golf clubs to your bag than there are to not add them. The first question usually is, why?

How to Buy a Used Golf Car

Golf cars are very gratifying to any passionate golfer who spends a lot of time on the golf course. Actually, buying a used golf car can be fairly cheap – starting around $2,000 – but you have to remember; you get what you pay for. Follow these few tips while purchasing a used golf car to ensure you get the best value for your money.

How Much Does a Golf Car Cost?

Golf cars are increasing in popularity as their use now extends beyond the golf course. These simple vehicles were once used to transport two golfers and their golf clubs around a course but are now used in large communities as the primary means of transport. With so many types available on the market how do you choose the right golf car for your budget?

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