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Golf Swing Fix – Learn How to Improve Your Golf Swing

The Simple Golf Swing program will show you all you should know regarding improving your golf swing. Using it, you will be able to improve your golf swing fast.

Golf – A Game For the Entire Family

With the warmer weather comes many choices for outdoor family fun. From camping to hiking, or boating to biking, the possibilities are nearly endless. But there is one activity in particular that can be enjoyed by every member of the family, from the tiniest toddler to the oldest of elders, and that activity is the game of golf. Golf is a game for boys and girls, men and women, and it really is never to soon to introduce your children to the game.

Golf Skills – Shot Selection and Your Inner Voice

Golf a simple game. The two-fold purpose of each shot is to get the ball closer to the hole and to leave the ball in a place where it will be easy to hit the next shot closer to the hole. The first one isn’t hard to do-you rarely hit the ball backwards. The second one isn’t too hard, either, if you keep a calm mind and pay attention.

Perfect the Driver Before Working on the Short Irons

Today’s prevailing advice from swing coaches and professionals focuses on perfecting your short irons before tinkering with the driver. And though this advice seems sound, it’s completely wrong – you NEED to learn to hit the driver consistently before you even have a chance at developing a sound short game.

Stop Chasing the Next Great Swing Cure

Stop wasting your time and money on the next new swing cure or gimmick. REAL improvement requires professional help – your wallet (and your scorecard) will thank you…

How Soon Should I Introduce My Kids to Golf?

It can be difficult these days to find something that interests your children other than video games and television. Just getting your kids to want to spend time together as a family can even be a challenge for some parents. Fortunately, there is a way to solve both of these problems, and if you start when your children are only a few years old, you can expect to enjoy many fun filled Summers on the golf course with your entire family.

Golf Skills – Approach Putting

As much as we would like our first putt to be from six feet away or closer, most of the time we begin putting from twenty feet or more. That brings the three-putt green into play. Three principles of approach putting take it out of play.

Essential Golf Training Aids That You Can Use For Improvement of Your Technique

When you are looking forward to improving your golf game, this golf putting training aids are one of the most essential tools to help you do so. There is a whole host of golf putting training aids on the market, each of which is beneficial in its own way. It is therefore, important to know a bit about the choices available to you, so that you can make the best purchase for your own needs. Even with different choices, it may ultimately come down to personal preference.

Curing Your Slice?

One of the most frustrating aspects to any golfer’s game is their “slice.” When a golfer is slicing badly almost every time, it is tough to figure out exactly why it’s happening.

The Augusta Club Golf Course

The Master’s Tournament has brought fame and fortune to the Augusta Golf Club in Augusta, GA, but it has also brought controversy. There is no golf club that proves more that the game can be, at times, a men’s club.

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