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Improve My Golf

Golf is both a mental and physical game as you play it well if both are energized. Mostly golfers fail to succeed in this game due to their tenses and tight muscles, as the tightness in muscles distorts the physical actions of the golfer. Everyone can play the golf as it is not restricted to the demographical characteristics

Golf – Getting Started

Even though you love to play golf, your boss seems to ask everyone else to play. Why not me? Relax. Golf is a popular sport and should be enjoyed by everyone. It can be costly and difficult to learn, but once you master it, you’ll be playing for the remainder of your life.

Play Golf – History And Your Golf Swing

Golf has a history starting back in the 15th century. For many years golf was played without a foundation or club. It came from the country Scotland and consisted of swinging a stick at a ball on sand, and rough ground.

Do You Want To Improve Your Golf Swing?

Amateurs or professional golfers are always looking for improvement, in one way or another with their game. One of the best ways is to work on your swing. Here are a few tips to improve your golf swing. Practicing many hours and studying your technique will help you immensely.

Golf For Beginners – Online Golf and Golf Lessons

Playing the game of golf has many rewards so why as a golf for beginners do we want to play? First you can play for the physical aspect of the sport of walking 18 holes on an average of 120 acre course. At the same time it also can help clear your mind of everyday issues and even go a step further and give you idea’s.

Understanding Golf Slicing and How It Could Be Hurting Your Game

Golf slicing is a common golfing problem that affects even the greatest of professional golfers. Fortunately, this issue can be corrected and you can achieve the perfect swing and help prevent incidents of slicing in the future. The information in this article will provide you with an in-depth look at the golf slice, what it is and how you can begin correcting this recurring problem.

How To Stop Over-Analyzing and Over-Thinking: A Better Golf Psychology

Here is a new, relaxed golf psychology that will stop you from over-thinking and over-analyzing on the golf course. Learn a psychology of golf that is about trusting yourself rather than second-guessing yourself.

Golfers: Are You Connecting On Facebook Yet?

I wanted to discuss the very powerful and exploding social network Facebook. With the recent release of the movie, it seems it’s picking up steam yet again. What I found with Facebook is the ease of connecting with friends I hadn’t spoken to in years, even decades. How cool is that? Secondly, extended family. Mine are in Canada so it makes it really easy to chat with them anytime we want.

Golf Tips for Beginners

When you first start playing golf, you quickly realize that the mental aspect of the game is just as important as the physical aspects. Beginners can improve their game quickly by following a few practical, but essential golf tips.

7 Secrets To Hitting Long Irons Like The Masters

Of all the irons, the one through four clubs are considered by most to be the hardest to control. Hitting long irons can take years to master, but success can be accelerated with focus on some essential points.

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