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Learning to Play Golf – Some Tips For Beginners

Now that you have the clubs needed you should arrange to take some golf lessons from a local pro or view some golf videos. There are many excellent videos available. Golf lessons could cost around $30 for lessons that run for 30 minutes to one hour. After you have had a few lessons, practice, practice, practice. Go to a local Driving Range or practice on a Putting Green. Also there is always your back yard to practice swinging.

Do You Want to Lower Your Handicap? This Tip Will Help You Do it Faster!

Top tips to help you improve your handicap and start to shoot lower scores. Try this out and I’m sure you’ll start to get instant results.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Develop a Consistent Swing With Perfect Timing For Duffers

What makes your swing vanish in mid-round or from one round to another? Is it swing timing or tempo? Is it swing mechanics? Or maybe it is my swing plane? Which is it really? Discover the answer to this common golfer’s phenomenon and gain a more dependable golf swing in the process.

Stop at the Top

I have a drill that I just love and my students always hate, at first. This drill requires focus, balance, athleticism and strength. It is known as the “Stop @ the Top” drill.

Golf Aids – Weighted Driver Swing Trainer

A weighted golf swing trainer is an ideal golf aid to help you build your golf muscles and to help you decrease your hooks and slices while increasing straighter, longer and more accurate golf shots. If you are serious about lowering your golf score next time you are on the course, reading about weighted golf swing trainers and their benefits is a must!

Golf Aids – Dual Hinge 7 Iron Golf Swing Trainers

Golf swing trainers are the best golf aid when it comes to improving your golf swing. Practicing with a dual hinge 7 iron is one of the best ways I have found to improve my short game. Swing trainers such as the one just mentioned are unique in that the immediately identify flaws in your golf swing.

GPS Golf Caddie

GPS technology has now touched the golf sport. With the GPS Golf caddie, it has become very easy to add courses within x miles of your current location. You can keep track of all your putts and shots as well as fairways. The score also helps in tracking of your current score to par. Golf Caddie might also suggest which club to use to the center, front or back of the green when you are in range.

Beginning Golf Tips

You can easily learn how to play golf using the beginning golf tips. Without the Golf basics, you will never prosper in effectively executing the golf sport’s critical skills and tactics. Some of the basics tips that the learner must be well acquainted with in order to learn and master golf course include posture, golf swings, grip, clubface, ball position and stance.

Backswing in Golf

If you master balance and rhythm in golf you would also have mastered the Backswing golf technique. Good rhythm demands that you enact a smooth swing whether it is slow or fast. Balance on the other hand means that the golf stance must be right so that you don’t rush the swing which will lead to a poor impact. Now, the golf swing is an important tenet in the game of golf and it is rendered in three parts.

Better Golf Swing

Golf is such a sensitive game and it is for this reason that you ought to be keen and focused when making the swings. Basically playing golf requires lots of discipline, acute preparation and self-control. As much as it might seem to some folks that golf is just but a sissies game; there is much that come with the game. Golf actually requires great thinking and consistency.

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