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How to Make a Correct Golf Swing

Are you the golfer who gets disappointed by the kind of golf swing you make whenever you enter the golf course? Never be worried, there is a way to correct your golf swing. Golf swings are known to be the pillar of golf and should be thoroughly practiced if you want to be one of the golf pros. Talk of Tiger Woods, Nancy Lopez, Ben Hogan among others, non of the would dispute the fact that the swing is one of the key fundamentals of golf. Remember, a golf swing will require you to use your eyes all the way or get a camera to help you see your swings.

Golf Swing Tempo

It doesn’t matter if this is your first round of golf or you’ve been playing for years, we’ve all had a ridiculous golf swing tempo at one point in time or another. Usually in our initial stages there is something about the connection between having a faster tempo means we’ll hit farther. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, and it’s a lot more complex of a discussion.

Best Golf Book

As a beginner in the field of golf, you might need instructors, equipment, and a golf club among other essentials. This is important but what is of added advantage is having the best golf book to guide you. Golfers who are a bit old in the field might need the book as well, because at times, you run short of ideas and therefore might need something to keep up to track;a book will definitely do!

Do You Want to Make More Greens in Regulation? This Simple Tip Will Help You!

Are you fed up of missing the green? By breaking down your shots you will be able to make sure that you hit more greens in regulation.

Motocaddy Golf Trolleys Review

Electric golf trolleys are the latest “must have” accessory for the modern golfer and one of the best manufacturers on the market is the relatively new brand of Motocaddy. Since arriving on the scene in 2005, Motocaddy have developed the design, technology and reliability of the electric golf trolley to the extent that it can meet the needs of even the most demanding golfer.

Fixing Your Game When Things Go Bust (Part II)

This is the second of two articles on fixing your game when things go bust. The first article covers driving, iron play, and the short game. This article covers putting and sand play. Like the first article, this article has golf tips to improve the problem areas.

Five Golf Tips From an Old Caddy

A short time ago I came across an article penned by a local man who had been caddying since he was a kid. Few courses still have caddies. But back then many courses had them. During his career he had caddied for players with both high and low golf handicaps.

Tips For Using Online Golf Lessons to Improve Your Game

Online golf lessons are a great way to improve your game. This article contains some great tips you can use to make the most effective use of them. Read this article to find out more!

Online Golf Lessons – Consistency!

Online golf lessons work great! But you’ve got a consistently apply them. Read this article to learn more about the best online golf lessons, today!

Golf Help – Practice & Improve Your Golf Swing Efficiently & Effectively With Golf Swing Trainers

Don’t waste your time practicing a golf swing that has incorrect technique. Learn about golf swing trainers and how they can help you practice your swing efficiently and effectively so you hit longer, straighter, more accurate golf shots!

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