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A Golf Tip For Irons – Hit More Greens in Regulation

Knowing you have a solid iron shot in your bag gives you incredible confidence regardless where your drive wound up. What’s the secret to hitting crisp irons consistently? Check out these three golf tips on irons.

Golf Irons Shots – How to Save Par and Astonish Your Buddies Even If You Badly Screw Up Your Drive

It sometimes feels like the hole is over the minute you mess up your first shot off the tee. You’re playing catch up for the rest of the hole and frustration kicks making it even harder to escape with a decent score. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an ace up your sleeve that allows you to turn a losing hole into a winner even if you shanked your tee shots 30 yards into the rough? Saving par is easier than you would think.

4 Crucial Facts About Golf Swing Speed

Golfers are aware that golf swing speed is a critical component of the game. It makes sense that you need to hit the ball harder, in order for it to travel farther. But precisely why is it crucial, and how can you boost it? These are crucial matters if you wish to enhance your general golfing.

How Golf Tuition Videos Can Help You Get Into Your Swing

Golf is a game of skill and control, a shot hit too hard or soft can fly over the back of the green or fall miserably short in the surrounding bunker. For many new golfers who are just starting out they may feel that they’ll never be able to hit their shots as cleanly as famous golfers Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, but with time, and most importantly, practice even the new beginner can quickly learn the correct way to strike the ball.

Golf Fitness – 5 Keys to Success

Golfers, like any athlete, have very specific physical needs to be successful on the course. Here are the top five keys to golf fitness.

Significance of Proper Golf Club Grip

What is the importance of golf club grip and what is the significance of taking lessons for this? These are FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) by golf beginners and in this article let me try to answer these two queries.

Are You Continually Frustrated by Your Low Golf-Score?

Have you tried to improve your low golf score by reading golf books, by studying successful golfers techniques, practiced two to three times a week, learn how to stand properly over the ball and perfect your swing, hold the club the right way? Have you ever used a Golf Range Finder?

Unique Golf Collectibles

Golf has seen its rise to fame and recognition through the years. The simple and quiet sport has motivated a lot of people to do just more than tee it off on the green. Golf collectibles have slowly emerged to be an important part of a golfing enthusiast.

Want Lower Scores? Make More Putts, 3 Tips to Help

When you are playing golf, it can actually be poetry in motion. You end up employing a variety of physical abilities as well as techniques. But the big thing that is utilized is the mind. The mind is what is going to cause all the ultimate decisions. It is going to tell your motor system what to do and when to do different things. Hopefully this is going to be achieved with some form of harmony. But really what it comes down to first and what influences where the ball is going to ultimately go, is where did you align that golf ball.

It is Golf – A Basic Overview of Golf

Charismatic players like Tiger Woods catch the attention of many, including those who have never picked up a golf club. Numerous new golfers are drawn to the game in hopes of playing one day at a professional level.

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