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Golf Course Slope – How to Master the Uphill and Downhill Lie

Sometimes you will find that you will have to play on a golf course slope that’s uphill or downhill. On uneven lies your swing will remain the same but you will need to change your setup and your choice of club. Here are some tips on dealing with uphill and downhill lies.

Golf Course Etiquette – How to Be a Golfer That Everyone Likes

Golf etiquette means showing courtesy and consideration while you’re on the course. If you’re in any doubt about what you should be doing and when you should be doing it, this article will help.

Golf Putting Practice – How to Improve Your Putting Skills

Putting in time for some golf putting practice is the best way to lower your scores. Not only will it help you to develop a better putting stroke, but it will also improve your judgment of speed and distance and, in doing so, increase your confidence when you are on the putting green.

Golf Putting Lessons – Learn How to Putt Like a Pro

Of all the shots in the game of golf, putting can render worthless all the good work you have put in getting from tee to green. If you want low scores, you’ll need to putt well. Here are some golf putting lessons on how to do so.

How to Break 80 Review

Is How To Break 80 for real? Will it actually lower your score? With summer just around the corner find out if How To Break 80 will improve you’re game!

Keys to Lower Golf Scores

You can lower your golf score without paying for expensive lessons! Read this instructional article to learn how.

How to Reduce Your Handicap

Improving at golf is something that any one of us who plays the game really strives to do. Practice makes perfect and this is certainly true with golf. But are you practicing using flawed techniques rather than developing the proper skills?

Reduce My Handicap

Golf is one of the most popular games on the planet. It is a game you can play either by yourself or with friends. No matter how good you are, golf can be loads of fun. It can be much more fun of course if you are playing well and have a low handicap. There is nothing better than beating your mates.

Get Rid of My Slice – 3 Common Causes of the Dreaded Banana Ball and How to Cure Them!

One of the most common questions asked by the average weekend golfer is how do I get rid of my slice? There are many reasons that people hit the dreaded banana ball, you know the one that starts out promising but then decides to take a right turn and ends up in the trees! Here I have assembled three of the common causes of the slice and how you can help reduce or eliminate your slice in a few easy steps.

Golf Chipping Instruction – How to Make a Perfect Chip Shot

The ability to chip well in golf can make all the difference between an average round and a great one. But when should you chip, and what club should you use? Here are some golf chipping instructions that you will find useful.

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