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Swing Right Arm Or Thrusting Right Arm

The sixth distinction between the centrifugal force swing and the muscular force swing is the swinging right arm or the thrusting right arm. The active lag pressure point used in centrifugal force swing. The passive lag pressure point used in the muscular force swing.

The Best Clubs Are the Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf has become a passion across the world which is evident from 2005, Golfer’s Digest release stating 32,000 golf courses around the world. Golf courses have been a prominent feature in nations like Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland; however the major player in golf courses is United States of America having over half the golf courses.

Clubhead Acceleration – Longitudinal Acceleration Or Radial Acceleration?

The seventh distinction between the Centrifugal force Swing and the Muscular Force Swing is clubhead acceleration. The centrifugal force swing uses longitudinal acceleration. The Muscular Force Swing uses radial acceleration.

Golf Tips – How to Practice Your Forward Swing

You already know that you are supposed to practice without a ball until the perfect motion is comfortable. When it comes to the full swing, the ball can make golfers do some really weird things.

Four Ways to Learn the Golf Swing – Advice For the Beginning Golfer

Recently I read an article listing 8 thoughts for beginning golfers. I disagreed with two of them. Let’s talk about four practical ways to learn the golf swing. I will discuss them in descending order by cost.

Golf Swing Improvement – Groove Swing Mechanics at the Range For Success on the Course For Duffers

A golfer’s dream is to have the perfect effortless swing, hitting shots right on target. Discover what it takes to transform your current swing into your dream swing. Uncover the secret to a sound repeatable golf swing. See the difference it will make on your scorecard.

Hit Longer Drives – 3 Tips to Bomb it So You’ll Have Less Yardage to Greens and Drop Your Scores!

Those players that can hit longer drives have an immediate advantage over anyone they are playing with. A player that is constantly hitting wedges and short irons into greens is going to have an easier time playing the course than a shorter hitter. Use these 3 tips to gain more distance off the tee, so you’ll drop your scores…

The One Plane Vs Two Plane Golf Swing – So, What is the Difference Exactly?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the one plane and two plane golf swings. With so much information out there it is easy for the average golfer to get confused. So which swing is right for you?

Golf For Beginners

Now that the Golf bug has finally bit you, you really want to get going on the course. After all these years of listening to your buddies talk about their Golf outings you have finally decided to take the plunge. I have to admit that Golf is a boring game to watch on the television but its a great game to actually play yourself on the course.

Golf For Beginners – Selecting Golf Clubs

If you’re new to the world of golf then you’re probably wondering about what golf clubs to buy, and what golf clubs you will need. The clubs that you will need to buy and use depends on your skill level. As a beginner you will probably score above one hundred and five strokes for eighteen holes of golf.

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