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Want to Know How to Swing a Golf Club For Accuracy and Distance? The Number 1 Secret Revealed

This is the number one secret that I have discovered. In all things, practice makes perfect. It doesn’t matter how you lean the techniques and variety of ways of getting the perfect swing.

Golf Swing Slice – Get a Slice of the Real Game

Like all avid golfers I believe it is the greatest game on earth. except I had a bad Golf swing slice. I needed work on my slice to enjoy the game. I am the guy who would hit the ball well but it would always wind up in the rough and the trees that line the side of the Fairway.

Putting Help Begins Once You Rethink Your Ultimate Scoring Goals

Putting; the final act to determine your stroke count for the hole being played. It is known to take one, two, sometimes three strokes or worse to place the golf ball at the bottom of the cup. What is your average number of putting strokes before the ball finds it destination? Or do you just pick up and move on? Putting is easy. Putting is hard. Ultimately, the putting stroke is what should be the focus to lower your scores.

How a Proper Targeted Golf Fitness Program Will Allow You to Drive the Ball Off the Tee

Improving your golf swing is something everyone golfer aims to do. One of the best ways to improve your golf swing is to build up those muscles you use in golf. This article explains how a golf fitness program can improve you power off the tee.

Dealing With Golf Swing Problems!

Every golfer has their own problems that they have to deal with. That is all part of the fun really. Working on ways to improve yourself as a player can be really rewarding, it is important to pay attention to the golf swing problems that you have as a player.

How to Clean a Golf Cart

Follow these tips to clean your golf cart and protect the finish. The more care you give your golf cart, the longer it will last and the better it will look.

How You Can Build a Consistent Golf Swing and Look Forward to That First Tee

It doesn’t matter how good your golf game has gotten. You may be a newbie to golf or been playing for a number of years – you are still looking to improve your game from tee to green.

5 Hot Tips For Chipping in Golf

When you make a chip shot, is it chipping in front of your feet or over the green? Truth be told, chipping in golf is one of the most difficult swings for particular golfers. Here’s some advice to make an effective chip shot:

Golf Schools Combine Education With a Foundation For a Career in the Sport

The article discusses how choosing to attend one of the country’s golf schools can lead to a future in the sport. Golf schools also offer a strong educational element that would be valuable in any field.

Risk Management and Accident Prevention in the Golf Arena

Having owned an operated a golf facility, as well as possessing a law degree and credentialed as a PGA of America Golf Professional, I have had abundant opportunity to examine golf facilities from the perspective of liability hazards to patrons and employees. Interestingly, many golf courses refuse to undergo an examination of their facility, because “that is what insurance is for.”

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