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Beginner Golf Lessons

Deciding to play golf is an easy decision to make. However, once you have made the decision to learn the game, it can become an intimidating choice full of other decisions that will make your head spin in circles. For instance, which clubs should you use or buy?

Gold Coast Golf Courses

The Gold Coast, located in the southeast Queens land, is Australia’s leading Golf holidays destination. With World Heritage rainforests, international nightlife, casino, international events, pure beaches, shopping, theme parks and a wide selection of golf courses – it is a stylish and world class holiday destination that everyone can enjoy.

NAIA Golf – A Great Opportunity to Play College Golf

If you are looking for a little less crowded path to playing golf in college, NAIA Golf may just be the avenue you have been looking. Most NAIA schools, just like NCAA schools have golf programs and offer scholarships for these athletes.

Golf Turf Needs a Professional Touch

Who are the pros of golf turf? Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker -when it comes to golf, the pros know what they’re talking about. When it comes to golf turf, you need to talk to the pros as well- and golf course superintendents are pros at managing golf turf. These guys are the ones who know which grasses are the toughest, most durable and most attractive for the perfect golf course.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Posture – 7 Foundation Methods to a Great Swing

Improve your golf swings by improving body movement, mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, power, and your spirituality which instills confidence of self for an improved game of golf. Become a better golfer.

Choosing the Correct Shoes

There are so many different pairs of shoes that you can buy which ones do you go for? There are three major areas which you should be looking at – support, comfort and stability. Your golf shoes are a vital part of your game and can have a major influence on the way in which you will play on the course.

Golf Grip Tips – The Three Major Grips in Golf

The golf grip is one of the most simple but complicated procedures in all of sports. The golf grip serves many purposes in the swing. It helps hold balance, strength, and direction of the swing. Without a good hold on the club there is no chance of a superb shot. However, the perfect grip can help improve your golf game tremendously.

Are Used Golf Balls Or Balls Found in Lakes Still Good to Play?

It is estimated that more than 500 million to 750 million new golf balls are sold every year on a worldwide basis. It is also estimated that somewhere between 125 million and 500+ million recycled or second-hand golf balls are recovered and sold to golfers worldwide – golf balls primarily culled from ponds and lakes on golf courses (a.k.a. “Lake Balls”). It is not known how many additional Lake Balls are retrieved and played by ordinary golfers during hte course of their rounds. And while the exact number of used balls sold in the market remains elusive, what is clear is that billions of new golf balls have entered play over the past few years around the world; and many of those end up lost and found as Lake Balls that are teed up again and again. Besides the free golf ball that a player might find in the rough, woods or edge of a pond, there is an active market for buying and selling recycled golf balls – often at a discount of up to 50% off of retail.

Prevent Injuries and Use a Golf Trolley

If you are having back problems when playing golf have you thought it could be your golf bag? A golf trolley is essential for a round of golf and instead of carrying your bag it could improve your health and your game. Golf can be seen as an old mans sports however carrying a bag around can be a real effort even for the youngest of golfers.

Golf Tips 101 – What You Should Know About Golf

The things that you need to know about golf after knowing what kind of golf clubs to use and finding the right discount golf equipment is how to play the game. There are many different kinds of golf tips and techniques from both amateur and professional golf players and these are some golf tips that you should know first before playing.

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