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Five Steps to Hitting a Great Fade Shot in Golf

You’re on the fairway, setting up for your second shot. Facing you is a dogleg to the right. The green is somewhere off in the distance and you need to get around some trees that are growing just on the right edge of the golf course. You could hit a short iron to the point where the fairway begins to turn, but that would add a stroke to your golf score. The better choice is to hit a fade shot that starts off straight, but then bends to the right, around those trees and onto the fairway closer to the green. How do you do it?

The Key Secret to the Easy Golf Swing

Recently I played a round of golf with an 85-year-old woman, and she beat me. Easily! I drive the ball a fair distance, at least 30 yards further than my companion, but for accuracy she had me beat. What was her secret?

Do I Buy Branded Lady Golf Clubs?

When buying new golf clubs, it can be a very difficult decision to find the right pair and something that many people consider is to go with a brand name or not. The brand name golf clubs may be slightly dearer than other sets available on the market but many people think that they will offer a greater degree of reliability. There are many positive aspects which comes with buying branded lady gold clubs but whether they are right for everyone is an entirely different matter. The following topics may help you decide if buying branded lady golf clubs is right for you?

Discover the Right Senior Golf Clubs

Don’t let your age put you at a disadvantage on the golf course. Take the time to look for the proper clubs and you can still beat the younger golfer.

Fixing Your Golf Swing – 3 Golf Swing Flaws You Are Probably Making and Do Not Even Know It!

The golf swing can be fairly complex, which is why it is vital to keep the swing as simple as possible. In this article I am going to share with you 3 common golf swing flaws, and what you can do right now to start fixing your golf swing.

How to Break 100 – Golf Tips to Get Your Scores in Double Digits Consistently!

Did you know that the average golfer in America does not even break 100? Most golfers who do not break 100 on a consistent basis think that they are some of the worst golfers in the world.

Make Every Putt Count – Ten Essential Steps to Reading Golf Greens

You may be able to drive the golf ball 200+ yards, but if you’re short game is not “up to par” you will have a hard time winning your next match. Think about it. In a typical round of golf you might use your driver 10-15 times. (Those short par 3 holes most likely require a shorter club.)

Golf With Confidence – The Number One Secret to Improving Your Golf Game

Every golfer who wants to improve her game will eventually discover that the key to success lies not so much in the golf equipment she uses as in the tools she has within herself. I’m talking about an inner confidence that helps her know, without anyone telling her, that she has the ability to improve and succeed on the golf course. But how do you build this kind confidence?

Golf Club Distance – Your Clubs Or Your Swing?

Most golfers are not hitting the ball as far as they could be with the clubs they already have. Buying a hybrid club will just mean that they will have one more club in their bag that they are not hitting as far as they could with. That can be fixed in our swing.

Choosing the Correct Golf Ball

Are you unsure as to which golf ball you should use? Take a look at our handy guide on how to choose a golf ball and what you should be looking for.

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