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Why Do I Have a Golf Slice? Cure the Spin Out!

Regardless of the cause, a slice is simply the physical aerodynamic reaction of the ball when an exaggerated right spin is put on it (left if you’re a lefty). Your slice is a golf ‘spin out’!

How Much Pain Does Your Golf Swing Inflict With Age?

What kind of injuries does an older golfer face when playing. How can he correct this? For many senior golfers they will play with pain because this is the one thing they love to do more than anything else.

The Correct Golf Swing

What is the correct golf swing? Many would say its some universal default golf swing from the address position. I personally disagree with this thought.

How to Use the Correct Golf Swing

Execution of the correct golf swing is vital to any golfers game. Its the basis for the majority of the shots made in golf, and if you can find yours, you’ll enjoy this wonderful game even more.

What Makes a Golf Course “Woman Friendly?”

Every golf course wants to be successful and attract new players. It isn’t easy. Maintaining a golf course takes a lot of work and a great deal of money. It’s not just a matter of keeping the fairways mowed and the sand bunkers clear of rocks. Beyond the constant attention to the detailed upkeep, golf course personnel have to consistently deal with the public in a friendly and welcoming manner. Anything less will certainly not help with the bottom line.

The Proper Golf Swing – How to Get More Power and Consistency

Learn how the proper golf swing can help you improve your power and accuracy. You will begin to understand the proper way to swing a golf club.

Improving Golf Swing Speed

Many golfers complain about their ability to hit the ball long distances – often the more that they try and hit the ball, the more that the ball goes wayward. The key to improving your swing speed and to hit the ball further is your core muscle strength. To hit the ball further, harder and with more speed all depend on this inner strength. Most golfers do not realize this and don’t do any exercises accordingly to work these muscles. There are several exercises that you do in order to improve your swing speed and these include:

Swinging a Golf Club With Force

In order to get good at golf you have to learn to have a good swing. It is as simple as that. Having a good swing will be the ultimate determinant as to whether you are a successful golfer or not. The fact of the matter is, unless you get proper instruction on how to swing a golf club, it’s unlikely that you’ll simply be able to pick up the golf club and swing away successfully. You only have to read interviews with professional golfers who talk about the fact that they spent years honing their swing and even some go as far as saying that they’re still in the process of honing their swing skills to understand the difficulty of swinging correctly.

Tips to Take Frustration Out of Your Golf Game

Golf is the one thing that can drive a grown man to tears. There are steps you can take to reduce the pure unadulterated frustration that can come from playing golf.

Do You Have a Natural Golf Swing?

One of the keys to developing a natural golf swing is to get all of your thinking out of the way before you ever leave the practice range. If you are thinking about your swing while you are on the course, you will only get yourself in trouble. Everything needs to be working naturally by that time, and if you are still thinking about your hands, your shoulders, your hips, or your feet, you won’t be thinking about the ball and your game.

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