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Golf Tips – 3 Tops Tips on How to Read a Putting Green

Are you struggling with golf putting? One of the most difficult parts of golf is learning how to read a green correctly. This can make all the difference between a great score and mediocrity. Luckily, by following a few simple tips reading a green will become a lot easier, and you putting will improve dramatically.

Looking For a Way to Cure A Golf Slice? You’ve Found It!

Can you imagine how surprised the early golfer was who hit the first slice? All of a sudden his tee shot takes a sudden detour to the right and he has no idea what’s going on. How do you go about curing a golf slice if you don’t even know what it is?

Multi Layering

The concept of multi layering in waterproof golf clothing recognizes that a number of layered garments are needed to keep the golfer dry and warm. Each of these needs to perform a different function but each must work seamlessly together in the background, enabling the golfer to fully concentrate on his or her game no matter what is happening with the weather.

Increasing Club Head Speed

Increasing club head speed is a desire of most golfers. We know that in order to make the ball go further, we need to get the club head moving faster. Intuitively we think that in order to hit the ball further we need to swing harder. While this is true, most golfers are already wasting enormous amounts of energy in their swing

The Secret to Golf Club Head Speed

The secret to golf club head speed is efficient use of energy. Golf clubs are specially designed to conduct the energy that is produced from your swing down into one focal point. That focal point of course is the ‘sweet spot’ on the face of the golf club. When you hit that spot with just the right timing and in just the right way, there is very little waste of energy. In fact it often feels effortless, because most of the energy was successfully transferred to the ball and very little reverberated back up the shaft to your hands and body.

How to Get Faster Club Head Speed

If you want more distance from your golf swing, then you need to have faster club head speed. There are a million and one tips out there for how to hit the ball farther in golf. How does one keep track of all the little nuances to remember every time you swing the golf club? Actually it’s no good to try to memorize a bunch of little hints and tricks without understanding why you should be doing these things. To get more distance, you need to get the club head moving faster. All the tips and tricks are there to help accomplish this task.

How to Increase Club Head Speed and Distance

Most golfers are constantly tweaking and changing their swing to try to increase club head speed and distance. They walk a thin line between keeping the ball under control and going for maximum distance by putting more power into their swing. The key to increasing club head speed and distance is to swing through the proper arc with perfect timing, meaning that your body, arms, and hands are working together at the right time.

6 Tips to Generate Club Head Speed

There are many golfers who seem to have fairly stable (although maybe not ideal) swings out there. A common question among these amateur golfers is ‘how to generate club head speed’. They’re looking for tips and principles that they can apply without drastically changing the feel of their swing. Let’s look at some of these tips that you can incorporate into your swing with some practice.

10 Tips to Keep You on Track With Your Golf Specific Workout

It is tempting to abandon your workouts during stressful times, but now more than ever you need to exercise your body. Staying fit will help you deal with added stress and help you keep your golf game sharp. You may have to get creative with how you exercise and fit practice into your schedule, but here are a few suggestions:

Iron Club Head Speed

The principles governing club head speed are the same for irons and woods alike. However it sometimes feels like we’re using a completely different swing to hit our irons. Because of this many golfers are not getting the distance they would like out of their irons. Here are some tips for generating iron club head speed

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