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Setup For the Golf Swing

To setup, the tension in your legs should be on the inside, because your feet are screwed into the ground clockwise. You should now be able to bend your knees and get your upper body in the right place. Knees To get into the correct position, begin with the live tension you’ve already created and bend your knees so they are “hanging” over the balls of your feet.

Before You Swing, Increase Your Golf Distance

Increasing your golf driving distance starts even before your swing. This article outlines all those little things we generally don’t give much thought to before we even set our stance.

Best Club For Golf Driving Distance

There are many brands, types and styles of clubs, but which one is best to get all the distance you can out of every drive? This article answers that question and gives you all the best tips for increasing your driving distance consistently.

Swing Control For Golf Distance

If you’re having trouble getting the driving distance in your golf swing and keeping control at the same time, this article is exactly what you’ve been needing. Learn to maximize your distance and swing every time while still maintaining your control to place the ball where you want it on every single shot.

Improve Your Golf Swing With a Single Exercise!

Are you looking to improve your golf swing add some serious distance to your golf drive? If so then permit yourself a minute to read this article and apply the following single exercise that I have included to help you drastically improve your golf swing!

Getting Into the Zone – Golf

In everything you do, there is always an equal amount of ups and downs; golf included. You will feel some days like you want to quit; like golf is the worst game ever invented. That’s normal.

The Waggle in the Golf Pre Shot Routine

The waggle, like Ben Hogan mentions in his famous book, really is one of the most important parts of the swing. I don’t think that everyone’s execution of it should fit a textbook pattern, because so much depends on how comfortable you are with your swing, setup, grip, and everything else. Mike Weir waggles one way, while Hogan waggled another, and Kenny Perry is different from those two. It should, however, set the tempo for the swing.

Setting Up to the Ball For the Golf Swing

The Golf Setup is a little tricky. You often know how your body should feel, but what about all of the little intricacies, like how far to stand away from the ball, where the ball should be, etc…

The Secret is in the Dirt

Right here I want to put a little piece in about learning. One thing Sevam1 has also said is that in the golf swing, you add, add, add, and then eventually you have to start taking away. In the end, the golf swing becomes simpler, not harder.

Kettlebell Training – Fitness For Golfers That Are Serious About Competing!

Are you a golfer that is serious about competing at the highest level within your sport? Perhaps you just want to take all of your friends’ money on the course? Either way permit yourself a minute to read this article and apply the following method of fitness to your golf game to drastically improve your game!

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