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Mental Training For Golf

How mental skills can affect your golf game. How you can improve your game lower your scores by effective mental training.

Control Golf Putting Yips For Good – Two Techniques For Stopping the Yips

How many times have you stepped up to that six foot putt, with no break in sight, and pushed it left of the cup because the golf putting yips took over? This has happened time and time again to countless golfers. Even professional golfers can be afflicted by the golf putting yips, and many careers have been jeopardized because of them.

Segway Scooter Golf

The Segway Golf Scooter also named as Segway X2 is designed to grant golf enthusiasts a brand new way to cruise the course. With extended-range batteries, a golf bag carrier rack, and increased traction tires, the Segway golf scooter offers the golfer all the tools necessary to go through the game in a amusing, unique style.

3 Putting Tips to Stroke the Ball Online, Get Perfect Distance Control, and Make More Putts

Putting is perhaps the most important part of the game that can drop the score and keep momentum going in your round when you most need it. Getting to the point where you know exactly which direction the ball is going off the putter face, and what distance it will travel is the key. Here are 3 tips to help you sink more putts…

A Few Thoughts on How to Hit a Golf Ball

Most beginners hit at a golf ball, rather than through it. Probably the best thing to learn about how to hit a golf ball is the absolute need for a follow through on the swing, whether at the tee upon address or in the fairway playing the ball where it lies.

Beautifully Handcrafted Exotic Golf Putters For That Special Personalized Golf Gift

Why not treat your husband/wife, partner, best friend or even yourself to a very special personalised golf gift? If you’re looking for something truly magnificent and unique then you will want to get your hands on one of these beautifully handcrafted exotic golf putters.

How to Correct a Golf Slice by Following These 3 Simple Steps and Start Hitting the Ball Straighter

Do you need to know how to correct a golf slice? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t?

Improve Your Game With Short Game Tips

Short Game Tips Your short game, or the play from within 100 feet of the pin, can make or break your golf game. How annoying is to make a superb shot off the tee, to play a pretty decent mid field shot that lands a few feet of the green, only to screw up in the short approach shot or putt! You just want to lay and die right there.

Hit Longer Straighter More Accurate Shots With Golf Club Trainers!

Getting the most out of each golf swing is important when out on the course in order to lower your golf score. If you want to develop a great shot, you need the right tools to train with to ensure you are practicing correctly. Golf aids such as dual hinge and weighted golf club trainers are great tools to improve your swing as they teach you to swing with correct timing and tempo and train you to swing a golf club in the correct golf swing plane.

The Best Rules on a Perfect Golf Stance

I have seen Tiger Wood’s golf stance and I was amazed at how confident and deliberate it was; it seemed as if his winning solely depended on his stance and posture. The way you angle yourself just as you’re about to take that perfect swing will determine how you will hit the ball. If you stoop so low you may hit the tip of the ball and it will not go any further, if on the other hand, you stand so straight then you will only get a flat club hit.

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